A Father’s 15-Hour Flight to Save His Daughter: A Heartfelt Update and a Mother’s Voice

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A baby girl, once destined for adoption, will now be raised under shared custody by her American mother and Australian father after an emotional rollercoaster and a long journey across the globe.

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On Wednesday, March 3, Liv Pavlov revealed she had changed her mind about putting her newborn daughter, Ana Rose, up for adoption. She announced this on Instagram, sharing photos of herself with Ana Rose and the baby’s father, Daniel Gaut, who had traveled from Australia to the U.S. to halt the adoption process.

In her Instagram post, Liv expressed her love for her daughter, noting that “the tides are always changing.” She explained that Daniel had to return to Australia after spending five weeks in Austin, Texas. Despite the distance, they plan to work on a shared custody agreement to ensure stability in their lives.

Image credits: dan__gaut

Liv shared that her initial decision stemmed from a “traumatic response to pregnancy.” She and Daniel had only spent a week together before deciding to conceive Ana Rose, and their dream of family life didn’t match the reality. Liv returned to the U.S. while pregnant because she felt disconnected from Daniel and believed he couldn’t open his heart.

However, Liv affirmed her commitment to raising Ana Rose, supported by her community and family in Austin. She also mentioned that Daniel could return to the U.S. thanks to funds raised through crowdfunding, initially intended to help him prevent the adoption.

Daniel, a carpenter from Sydney, was looking forward to Ana Rose’s birth in Australia when Liv unexpectedly returned to the U.S. The couple had met and fallen in love in San Francisco in early 2023, and Liv had followed Daniel to Australia, where they decided to have a baby.

Liv initially embraced her new life in Australia, but their relationship began to falter after her pregnancy announcement. She returned to Texas, rekindled a relationship with a former boyfriend, and announced her intention to put Ana Rose up for adoption. A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Daniel’s behalf, with the promise that Liv would transfer custody if he traveled to the U.S.

Despite facing backlash, partly due to her career as a life coach and reiki master, Daniel took a 15-hour flight to Texas to be there for Ana Rose’s birth. He arrived shortly after her birth on February 26 but soon found himself fighting to stay in his daughter’s life as Liv wanted to be the primary caregiver.

Daniel expressed his heartbreak on Instagram on April 1, feeling empty as he prepared to leave the U.S. alone. Liv had decided to keep Ana Rose and be her primary caregiver.

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However, Liv’s latest updates suggest a more positive outcome. On April 4, she posted another picture with Ana Rose, sharing a message about courage, generosity, compassion, and calmness in the face of chaos. This indicates that both parents will be involved in Ana Rose’s life as they move forward.

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