Driver Shocked to Find Little Legs Sticking Out of Her Car’s Grille

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Earlier this week, a woman driving toward Amarillo, Texas, had a surprising encounter during a midnight drive. After swerving to avoid a raccoon that suddenly appeared on the road, she continued her journey, unaware of an unexpected passenger.


It wasn’t until an hour later that she pulled over and discovered something startling: the raccoon’s legs were sticking out from behind her front license plate.

“Unbeknownst to her, the raccoon had actually found [his] way into the car’s grille and remained trapped there for more than an hour until she made a stop in Amarillo,” Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WWWRC) shared on Facebook.

The discovery was made just after 2 a.m., with most of the city asleep. Fortunately, WWWRC rehabber Amee Markham Smith and a local officer, Officer Milburn, were available and ready to assist.

Upon arriving at the scene, Smith and Milburn found the raccoon wedged head-first into the car’s grille. Realizing that pulling him out could cause further harm, Smith devised an alternative plan.


“Enormous gratitude to the car owner for permitting Amee to cut into the car’s grille to rescue the raccoon,” wrote WWWRC. After a meticulous and determined effort, they successfully freed the raccoon and placed him in a cozy cage for transport to WWWRC’s headquarters.

At the rehabilitation center, a thorough examination revealed that the raccoon had sustained injuries, including a broken jaw and a small fracture in his spine. The team promptly began treating his injuries and provided a temporary habitat for his recovery.

A few days have passed since the raccoon’s rescue, and Smith is pleased to report significant improvements in his condition. Thanks to the consistent care and affection from his friends at WWWRC, the raccoon is steadily recovering and growing stronger each day.

“He’s actually recovering quite well considering everything he went through,” Smith shared on WWWRC’s Facebook post. “He’s eating like a champ and his mobility is improving daily.”

As the resilient raccoon continues to regain his strength, he remains hopeful for a return to the wild. Until then, the dedicated team at WWWRC will continue to shower him with love and affirmations of his fortunate survival.

Source: thedodo


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