Every day the dog travels alone to the demesne by bus

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The story of her often getting on the bus alone and getting off near the park became local news. A black lab/mastiff cross, she has captured many hearts after her frequent story went viral. It’s not unusual for dogs to travel with their owners on public transport, but it is unusual for a dog to travel anywhere on its own.

However, the drop was sometimes sufficient and independent of this tone. She had traveled by bus for a long day to know exactly where she wanted to get off. One day, Eclipse’s owner, Jeff Young, was taking her to Demesne when he lit a cigarette. Unable to wait for him, she boarded the bus and the bus left without the owner. Although traveling alone in the bus without her husband, she showed her intelligence and got off at the right place.

In King County Seattle, it is up to drivers whether or not to allow immigrants to ride alone on their bus. However, the eclipse must be on a rope during her transit. All we want to know is whether to pay an Eclipse bus ticket or not.

Decline, a black labrador and Seattle’s original star, had made many friends with motorists and passers-by, and it was a delight and a surprise to see her eagerly trot along Machine Road to play Dimesne. She does all this alone. They are kinder and smarter animals than you think.

The black labrador gets off the bus and quickly runs to the park to play.

Source : animals.autodailyz.com


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