Haters say my wife and I are “from hell” since we have 91 tattoos and piercings

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Source: New York Post

One pair has elevated body alterations to new levels in a society where self-expression can take many forms. Their extensive collection of tattoos, body piercings, and other physical alterations have drawn attention to Victor Hugo Peralta, 52, and his wife Gabriela, both 52. The South American duo has established themselves as trailblazers in body art with an impressive 91 tattoos and piercings combined. The remarkable trip they’ve been on, the Guinness World Records they’ve achieved, and their unshakable commitment to self-expression are all covered in this piece.

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Body modification is a shared passion between Victor Hugo Peralta and Gabriela that has kept them together for 25 years. The “Cherubs from hell” have received abuse from haters, but this duo is still dedicated to their artistic goals. Their impressive tattoo collection has drawn a lot of attention, and in 2014 they set a “Most body modifications” Guinness World Record for a married couple. The couple’s persistent pursuit of self-expression and commitment to their profession have guaranteed their place in history.

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Victor and Gabriela have set their sights on maintaining their world record for body alterations in honour of their forthcoming 10th wedding anniversary. This day commemorates ten years of breaking down barriers and embracing their distinctive personality [3]. Even after receiving notoriety, they remained dedicated to the art form, demonstrating their undying enthusiasm for self-expression and personal pleasure.

Beyond tattoos, Victor and Gabriela’s bodies have undergone other alterations. The two collectively acquired 50 piercings, eight microdermals, fourteen body implants, five dental implants, four ear expanders, two ear bolts, and one forked tongue. Additionally, both have dabbled in getting eye tattoos, as evidenced by the detailed inking on their scleras or the whites of their eyes. Their courageous decisions are a reflection of their unshakeable dedication to being who they indeed are.

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Victor and Gabriela stress that even though body modifications might be expensive, most of their work has been given to them as gifts by friends who support their artistic endeavours. The pair have gotten invaluable support from their loved ones and feel that their alterations align with their unique ethos. Their remarkable narrative exemplifies the strength of the community and the transformational effect of common interests.

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Gabriela credits her grandparents, who exposed her to art throughout her upbringing, for inspiring her enduring passion for body ink. Her grandma painted, and her grandfather was a musician. Therefore she was raised in an artistically inclined milieu. Her early exposure to creativity formed the basis for Gabriela’s lifelong obsession with self-expression.

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On the other hand, Victor is a Uruguayan tattoo artist who has worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 28 years. In addition to influencing his artistic vision, his work experience and expertise in the field have given him a platform to share his enthusiasm with his wife, Gabriela. Victor’s complete body coverage, which he started getting at 13, shows his unwavering commitment to the art.

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The dedication of Victor Hugo Peralta and Gabriela to body modification has earned them both fame on a global scale and a spot in the esteemed Guinness World Records. Their journey serves as a testament to the efficacy of self-expression and the positive effects of accepting one’s self.


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