Heidi Klum Turns Up the Heat: Strips Down During Hot Ones Interview

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During a recent episode of Hot Ones, Heidi Klum raised temperatures by removing her shirt and answering questions in her bra.

Image credits: First We Feast

The 51-year-old model got flustered and stripped down while being interviewed by host Sean Evans on the popular YouTube show, known for its hot questions and even hotter wings. Hot Ones features celebrities eating progressively spicier chicken wings, each coated with a different hot sauce, leading to intense reactions.

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When it was Klum’s turn in the hot seat, she kept her clothes on until she encountered the notorious Da Bomb hot sauce. After taking a bite and a swig of buttermilk, she exclaimed, “I thought buttermilk would do the trick.”

Image credits: First We Feast

Realizing it wasn’t enough, she began unbuttoning her denim shirt, saying, “I’m getting hot,” before stripping down to her bra and continuing the interview.

Image credits: First We Feast

In the episode, the Emmy Award-winning TV host shared her experience of wearing the most expensive item of clothing she’s ever donned: a $12.5 million bra and matching $740,000 panties from Victoria’s Secret, adorned with diamonds and rubies. “I think I made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for wearing the most expensive lingerie,” she commented.

Image credits: First We Feast

Toward the end of the interview, Sean Evans asked Klum to strike a pose for the different hot sauces she tasted. The America’s Got Talent judge obliged, delivering flaming hot poses that Evans described as “amazing.” “We gotta put these in a coffee table book,” he said.

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First We Feast praised Klum for eliciting one of the most genuine reactions from Evans in the episode. Fans agreed, with one saying, “Heidi is the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. She radiates carefree humor.” Another viewer added, “I’m completely enamored by her chuckle; that laugh is infatuating. Her personality is so genuine and infectious.”

Heidi Klum’s appearance on Hot Ones showcased her humor and down-to-earth personality, winning over viewers and leaving a memorable mark on the show.

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