Persistent Stray Dog Holds onto Hope Amid Abandonment

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In Orange County, California, the community unites to care for stray animals, with different groups focusing on aiding cats and dogs. Their collective aim is to better the lives of these homeless pets.

Source: SUZETTE HALL,The Dodo

During a routine feeding session for a local cat colony, Arturo Flores and Lou Dora stumbled upon an unexpected sight—a pit bull mix hidden behind foliage, appearing scared and uneasy.

Situated in an industrial area, it was puzzling where the dog had come from until they received heartbreaking information from a local business worker.

“The tire shop employee mentioned a car pulling up and abandoning her,” shared Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue, on Facebook.

Source: SUZETTE HALL,The Dodo

As the worker recounted the dog’s abandonment story, Flores and Dora realized the gravity of the situation. The dog had remained motionless since her family left, and there was a poignant reason why.

Hall explained that the corner where she was abandoned, possibly the only patch of grass nearby, became her sanctuary. He described her as kind but also profoundly scared.

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The patch of grass provided relief from the scorching pavement and shelter from the relentless sun. However, as she sat there, her gaze fixed, it was evident she clung to hope that her family would return.

Despite no signs of the dog’s former family, Flores and Dora sprang into action, contacting Logan’s Legacy for assistance. Hall promptly arrived to aid in the rescue.

Source: SUZETTE HALL,The Dodo

Despite their efforts, the dog refused to move, prompting Hall to set up a humane trap baited with enticing treats. Her intuition told her it would work.

“The pup was famished,” Hall recalled. “You could see it in her eyes.”

True to her instincts, the dog eagerly entered the trap within minutes.

With the dog safely trapped, Hall wasted no time, loading her into her van and heading to Camino Pet Hospital. There, they tended to her wounds and weariness.

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Dubbed Bean, the dog’s arrival at the hospital revealed the harsh reality of her time fending for herself. Yet, with each tender wash and kind gesture from the vet staff, Bean began to relax.

Now in a loving foster home, Bean receives constant care and affection, slowly healing from her ordeal. Hall remains optimistic about finding Bean a permanent home, knowing she’s safe and content for now.

Source: SUZETTE HALL,The Dodo

“She’s affectionate, grateful, and adores cuddling,” Hall shared. “Her journey to recovery continues, but her bright future is within reach.”

Source: The Dodo


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