Princess Kalina of Bulgaria Shares Insight on Her Recent Transformation

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Princess Kalina of Bulgaria has addressed the public’s reactions to her remarkably muscular arms. The 52-year-old “fitness princess” was recently photographed in a sleeveless dress with a black-and-white pattern, showcasing her toned physique.

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This marked her first public appearance since 2020, as she attended the funeral of Tsar Ferdinand I. She was accompanied by her husband, Spanish explorer Antonio José “Kitín” Muñoz, and their son, Simeon Hassan Muñoz, born in 2007.

Tsar Ferdinand Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the first tsar of Bulgaria after centuries of Ottoman rule, had his ashes repatriated and buried 76 years after his death at the Varna Palace in Sofia on May 29.

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Princess Kalina addressed the remarks about her noticeable physical transformation after recent photos showcased her muscular arms. Born in Madrid, Kalina of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is the fifth child and only daughter of Simeon II, the last tsar of Bulgaria, and Spanish aristocrat Margarita Gómez-Acebo y Cejuela.

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Educated at the Lycée Français in Madrid, she continued her studies at the English College in the Spanish capital and later moved to London to study the History of Art. Over the years, she has displayed a love for fashion, experimenting with bold hairstyles, makeup looks, and unconventional outfits for a high-profile royal.

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In 2006, she attended Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg’s silver wedding anniversary in a bralette and lace skirt, paired with striking spider-like eyeliner. The previous year, she sported blonde braids adorned with silver rhinestones, complementing a floral dress and chunky metallic chain.

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Speculation about cosmetic surgery on her nose arose in the early 2000s. However, her husband Kitín Muñoz explained that her transformation resulted from health complications starting in her twenties.

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At eight years old, Kalina fell and broke two teeth. In 1999, while studying in London, a dental procedure went awry, causing an infection that affected part of her face. This infection worsened during a sea expedition with Kitín, leading to an emergency evacuation and surgery to save her eye and nose.

“I’ve committed myself to weight training and maintaining my health. I consider myself an athlete,” Kalina told LOC outlet, according to EssaNews.

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Before becoming an athlete, Kalina had a fifteen-year career as a professional rider, as per Madame Figaro. Kitín praised his wife’s excellent physical shape, attributing it to a healthy lifestyle, daily training, and good nutrition, which not only improved her muscle tone but also her overall appearance.

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Image credits: Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

“All the outrageous theories about Kalina’s various procedures and cosmetic treatments are just misinformation,” he emphasized.

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