‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming’: 20 Individuals Oblivious to Their Unfortunate Tattoos (New Pictures)

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While beauty may indeed lie in the eye of the beholder, certain aesthetic choices scarcely warrant leniency. The stark reality is that not every tattoo is crafted with equal skill, nor do all design concepts reach the heights of artistic genius. Some are so utterly cringe-inducing that their sole merit is to caution others.

Enter the ‘That’s It, I’m Inkshaming’ Facebook group. This collective revels in showcasing some of the most egregious and poorly executed tattoos ever seen. We’ve curated a selection of the latest offenders to illustrate that a good concept is just one part of the equation—you also need a tattoo artist who excels in their craft. Dive in and take a look.

#1 Uhh, Thanks Fb But No Thanks. I Will Not Be Adding Friend


#2 Discovered on Instagram


#3 Egyptian Pink Panther

Laura Cattani

#4 Previously, when I showcased this “Artist’s” work, some claimed “It’s actually a style,” but can someone elucidate this for me then?


#5 Each time I glimpse her tattoos, I wince


#6 Now, these are tattoos to be proud of

Mark McCall

#7 Found this on Instagram. Thankfully, they got a coverup.

Aishya Pirches

#8 While perusing dress reviews, I stumbled upon this gem

Emily Brooks Polson

#9 Oh Medusa, you’ve outdone yourself again


#10 Sawtism


#11 Ba Da Ba Da Ba I’m Detesting It

Danielle Hartshorn

#12 Spotted this in the wild and knew I had to share it


#13 A guy is advertising his work… Yikes!


#14 Sheeesh

Cort Campbell

#15 Oof.. got a tattoo from this woman, and the ink literally fell out


#16 Lemme guess…he fancies Chanel?

Bee Bayer

#17 Not certain about this at all


#18 Discovered in the wild

Sabryna McLean

#19 Dear God

Liz Sealion

#20 Found on Marketplace

Ali Mae

Source: boredpanda

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