Who is in charge of providing the upgraded “Roman scenery,” a prospective baroque fortress?

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indicate a castle in Brandenburg, a der Havel, is up for auction. The court in question, located at Schloßstraße 21, is a baroque mansion with an English landscape garden. This castle has an important historical history since renowned German author Fontane frequently visited there. He wrote a lengthy chapter in his book “Fünf Schlösser” on excursions around the Mark Brandenburg Plaue and its castle. Although having a long history, the court has been neglected for a while, and as a result of this negligence and ageing, its gray plaster is disintegrating.

The castle has previously been the subject of several ideas for use, such as a hotel, conference centre, luxury apartments, or senior living facility. Yet because of its current condition, it has only been feasible to utilize the castle for brief occasions like cafés or periodic meetings. The court was restored following World War II. Still, no substantial improvements have been made since then, leaving many of its rooms essentially unadorned and its ballroom’s former baroque magnificence gone. It would need significant investment and a carefully thought-out use scheme to bring the castle back to its former splendour and draw tourists.

The castle in Brandenburg, a der Havel, is for sale, but it will need significant investment and a well-defined use plan to return to its former splendour. Nonetheless, given its historical importance, the castle can once more become a well-liked tourist destination, particularly for people who are fans of Fontane.
















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