10 Heartwarming Moments That Brightened Our Week

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Have you ever wondered if laughter could be considered a form of exercise? It’s intriguing to note that when you laugh, your heart rate rises, your muscles contract and you might sometimes find it hard to catch your breath – all characteristic signs of physical exertion.

Surprisingly, laughter does indeed lead to the burning of extra calories. Sustaining a lot of hearty giggles for 10-15 minutes can result in approximately 40 calories. If you repeat this a few times throughout the day, you achieve a decent calorie burn with minimal effort, boost your immune system, and bring down your blood sugar levels.

For those needing a good chuckle, we have a selection of amusing content lined up. Additionally, plenty of other delightful tidbits are sure to bring a smile to your face, so if you’re seeking a mood lift, you’re in the right place.

#1 Delight in watching a father serenading his baby boy during a lively ‘Ragtime’ rehearsal

#2 Be amazed as a dad proudly showcases his impressive yo-yo skills

#3 Witness the realization of a husky owner who discovers she might be the catalyst for her dogs’ spirited antics

@tikanni.kita.n.tehya When you finally realize you’re the problem #fypシ #huskylife #foryoupage #funnydogs #siren #howling #howl #dogcomedy #dogsvideo #cutedog #howlingwolf #viral #dog #husky #humor #doghumor #chaos #imtheproblem ♬ original sound – Tikanni Kita & Tehya

#4 Experience secondhand embarrassment as a woman confuses a stranger for an acquaintance in a hilariously epic manner

@mustlovedogskc This is what happens when you’re a hugger! #Mybad #whoopsieDaisies #comedy #laughing #fyp ♬ original sound – COREY ENGMANN

#5 Speaking of embarrassing moments, don’t miss this kid’s brilliantly witty response to his mom’s attempt to mortify him at school pickup

#6 Andy Grammer shares his heartwarming approach to confronting grief, demonstrating a powerful offensive strategy

@podcrushed Go on offense with grief 🖤 #grief #loss #lossofaparent ♬ original sound – Podcrushed

#7 Join in the laughter over the amusing notes a previous homeowner left behind during a bathroom renovation

#8 Marvel at a baby’s transformation into a “tall woman,” complete with spot-on facial expressions


She living her best life

♬ Lonely – Akon

#9 Get ready to be dazzled by a kid with remarkably smooth dance moves

#10 Shoutout to all the introverts who proudly let their unique flags fly around their chosen few – we see you!

If you need a dose of laughter and positivity, you will find it among these heartwarming and entertaining snippets.

Source: upworthy


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