Explore the Glamorous Era of Bullet Bras: 20 Captivating Vintage Photos from the 1940s and 1950s

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If the term “bullet bra” conjures up images of something terrifying, you’re not entirely off the mark. In a way, these bras were daring, featuring extremely conical points that could rival the sharpness of a projectile.

Bullet bras may be less prevalent in today’s underwear collection, but they enjoyed widespread popularity in the 1940s and 1950s. The trend was popularized by sweater girls and Hollywood actresses who embraced wearing tighter sweaters rather than bullet-shaped or cone bras. Even Madonna made a bold statement wearing a bullet bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier on her Blond Ambition tour in 1990.

In 1999, What Katie Did, an old-fashioned underwear company, pioneered the revival of bullet bras, bringing them back into modern production. Since then, various companies have followed suit, creating their interpretations of this iconic undergarment.

View memory lane with vintage photos showcasing women modeling real-life bullet bras from the 1950s. From classic sweater girls to iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, these images capture the essence of an era when the bullet bra reigned supreme. Scroll down to relive the vintage-style charm, and remember to vote for your favorite looks!

#1 Embrace the Sweater Girl aesthetic

#2 Take a nostalgic look at vintage underwear

#3 The timeless elegance of vintage style

#4 The incomparable Marilyn Monroe

#5 Elizabeth Taylor’s elegant style

#6 Resurrecting Old Hollywood Style

#7 Channeling the charm of a vintage look

#8 The distinctive appeal of the bullet bra

#9 Jayne Mansfield’s Iconic Presence

#10 Vintage Chic in every outfit

#11 The Allure of the Vintage Blonde Bombshell

#12 Marilyn Monroe’s timeless beauty

#13 Making a statement with bullet bra styles

#14 Vintage Glamor at its best

#15 Celebrating the unique charm of the bullet bra

#16 Navigating Vintage Style Trends

#17 A Tribute to the Classic Sweater Girl Look

#18 Jane Mansfield’s Lasting Legacy

#19 Iconic influence of Marilyn Monroe

#20 The timeless appeal of the bullet bra

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