20 Men Reveal Their True Colors with Outrageous and Unrealistic Expectations for Women

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One of the many “joys” of being a woman is accidentally smiling at the wrong guy, only to have him decide that you’re in love with him. No amount of words, actions, or even restraining orders can convince him otherwise. Fortunately, the internet has become a platform where people share screenshots of these encounters to call out such behavior.

We’ve gathered some of the most delusional expectations that self-proclaimed “nice guys” have had about women. So get comfortable, scroll through, upvote the ones that made you roll your eyes the most, and share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

#1 The Guy Who Expected a Relationship After Comforting a Woman — Also Known As… Just Being a Basic Friend


#2 Ngvc: “I Make 100k+ A Year, What Do You Bring to the Table?”


#3 Ngvc: “You’ve Got a Nice Set of Mommy Milkers”


For those unfamiliar, a “nice guy” isn’t just a term for a pleasant man or a reference to the underrated Ryan Gosling movie. It specifically describes a subset of men who believe that simply being nice to women entitles them to love and attention.

Humans aren’t vending machines, so this belief doesn’t hold up. When reality hits, these men often become angry. It’s important to note that “nice guys” aren’t genuinely nice; they mistake basic politeness and small favors for being the “perfect partner.”

#4 Why Aren’t Women More Superficial?


#5 “Toddlers Are Well Built and Curvy”


#6 Ngvc: “Decent Guy, Only Wants One Thing from His Date”


When told that being nice via text or comment won’t make someone fall in love, “nice guys” often react with anger. This reaction quickly shatters any illusion that they were nice to begin with. Their anger at being rejected is almost as absurd as the demands they make of women who wouldn’t give them a second glance.

#7 The Guy Who Expected a Match Because He Said He Doesn’t Care About Looks or Sex in His Profile… But Then Had This as His Opening Line


#8 Poor Brandon


#9 Ngvc: “It’s a Real Shame Too. I Would’ve Treated You Like a Princess”


All this to say, self-proclaimed “nice guys” tend to be neither nice nor good romantic prospects. There have been numerous instances where these men, upon rejection, resort to stalking and harassment, often behaving worse than the stereotypical “jerks.”

#10 The Guy Who Thought He Deserved Constant Communication with His Dating App Match Simply Because They Matched… A Few Hours Prior


#11 The Nice Guy Who Expected Immediate Replies to His Texts and Then Told the Woman He Was Texting He Was Just Trying to Teach Her a Lesson


#12 Ngvc: “I Sexually Harassed a Woman Who Couldn’t Just Walk Away from Me, and She Isn’t Happy About It. And You Women Say You Want Nice Guys”


The root of the problem is entitlement. These men believe that having a partner is a right and have strong opinions about what their partner should be like, think, and look like. Ironically, these men often don’t meet their own standards, but that’s beside the point.

#13 The Guy Who Thought He Deserved a Woman Because of His Persistence… And Expert Gaslighting Skills


#14 Ngvc: “I’m Not a Sexist but Females Owe Me Sex”


#15 Ngvc: “Just Trying to Be Nice”


#16 The Guy Who Felt Entitled to a Date After Putting Down Other Women


#17 Ngvc: “I Am Handsome, Educated and Have Money but Single. What Is the Problem?”


#18 That Happened


#19 The “Nice and Stable” Guy Who Thought He Deserved a Date After Catfishing 200 Women to Try to Prove His Misogynistic Point


#20 Ngvc: “I’m Also a Little Older and More Mature Than You (No Offense)”


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