30 Hilarious Before-and-After Photos: Women with a Great Sense of Humor Show Their Stunning Transformations (New Images)

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Social media often presents an idealized version of reality, where filters, editing tricks, and carefully curated angles reign supreme. It’s a world where flawless perfection seems to be the norm, leaving many of us feeling inadequate. However, behind the polished facade lies a refreshing dose of humor and authenticity.

The ‘Pretty Girls Ugly Faces’ community on Reddit is a testament to this authenticity, boasting nearly 95k members who revel in sharing their before-and-after photos. These images playfully poke fun at the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by social media.

Despite having previously featured this subreddit, the flood of new content from these witty women demands a revisit! Below, you’ll find a fresh collection of amusing posts curated by Bored Panda for your entertainment. So keep scrolling, give your favorites an upvote, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section.

# 1 From Ethereal Goddess to… Oh, My Eyes!


# 2 Experimenting with Eyeliner: Expectation vs. Reality


# 3 The Duality of Snaps I Send to My Husband


The community greets its members with a cheeky statement: “We’ll only judge if you try to maintain your dignity.” Since its inception in 2012, it has served as a safe haven for women to share their most unflattering moments. And honestly, witnessing these beautiful and comedic ladies transform into goofy characters within seconds is incredibly refreshing.

According to ‘Know Your Meme,’ this subreddit emerged shortly after a similar trend surfaced on Tumblr through the ‘Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces’ blog in 2011. The concept of juxtaposing attractive photos with less-than-camera-ready moments gained rapid popularity, inspiring thousands to join in. Double chins, exaggerated teeth, and comically squished facial expressions flooded feeds, challenging the unrealistic beauty standards and affirming that nobody is flawless all the time. And lest we forget, men participate in this trend too, with their own ‘Handsome Guys Ugly Faces’ subreddit dedicated to the cause.

# 4 Singing My Heart Out… Or Maybe Not


# 5 Instagram Glam vs. Everyday Reality


# 6 You Know You Love This


The images showcased here not only elicit hearty laughter but also serve as a reminder that even the most photogenic individuals have their less glamorous sides. After all, we’ve long been bombarded with idealized beauty standards and edited images that distort reality. Succumbing to the allure of endless scrolling often leads us to forget that what we see online isn’t always authentic, affecting both our self-perception and our perceptions of others.

# 7 My Mental State Summed Up in a Picture


# 8 The Photographer’s Lens vs. Selfie Mode


# 9 A Present for You: My Unfiltered Self


Sadly, the consequences of constant comparison can be severe, contributing to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other psychological strains. A survey involving 227 female university students revealed that while browsing social media, many tend to negatively evaluate their own appearance in comparison to peers or celebrities.

Jasmine Fardouly, a researcher at Macquarie University, highlighted this phenomenon to the BBC, stating, “People compare their appearance to others on Instagram or whichever platform they’re on and often perceive themselves as inferior.”This inclination arises because people frequently highlight only the positive aspects of their lives on social media, leading to a distorted perception. Fardouly emphasized, “If you know someone well, you’ll understand they’re presenting a curated image, but with acquaintances, that context is missing.”

# 10 Trigger Warning: This is… Something


# 11 Perfecting My Ugly Faces: A Work of Art


# 12 Meet Maddy, the Quirky Engine


Many women are fed up with the unrealistic standards perpetuated online, prompting them to inject authenticity into their digital presence. Even something as simple as striking a goofy pose injects a sense of realism into a landscape dominated by carefully crafted images.

# 13 Winning the Ugly Face Championship


# 14 Teacher by Day, Mad Scientist by Night


# 15 Before and After: Channeling My Inner Quirk


The founder of ‘Pretty Girls Ugly Faces,’ Redditor Sinkingfast, shared with Bored Panda in a previous interview the enduring appeal of the community. “We observe a significant number of users coming back after receiving encouraging feedback on their posts. Creating a space where weird photos can be shared without judgment was always the goal, and thanks to our dedicated users, we’ve maintained that ethos.”

# 16 Maybe Not the Fairest, But Definitely the Funniest!


# 17 Scrolling Instagram vs. My Actual Self


# 18 Laughing Out Loud at This Gem


They explained how humans often judge based on appearances and superficial traits, which can lead to inaccurate assumptions. “My viewpoint aligns somewhat with Dunbar’s number, suggesting we can only intimately know a limited number of people. In a massive city or online, we can’t possibly know everyone.”

“As an example,” the moderator continued, “I might wear a band t-shirt to signal my fandom, which could attract positive or negative judgments. However, I don’t choose my facial features, yet people often make snap judgments based on those.”

# 19 Dolling Up, Only to Shock


# 20 I Couldn’t Resist


# 21 The Pretty vs. The Playful: My First Post


Redditor Sinkingfast noted that society often assumes people wish to be seen exactly as they present themselves, even regarding traits beyond their control. In the media, it’s common to observe actors such as Steve Buscemi, who’s recognized for his distinctive appearance, being consistently cast in roles primarily based on their looks rather than their acting abilities or character depth.

They pondered, “What if he wasn’t an actor but just a regular person with distinct features? Would people judge him harshly for not fitting traditional beauty standards?”

# 22 Brace Yourself for This…


# 23 That’s How We Roll!


# 24 Work Profile vs. Home Reality


Despite these societal tendencies, Redditor Sinkingfast remains hopeful. “Even the most conscientious individuals can sometimes make biased judgments. Hopefully, over time, we’ll become more compassionate and less quick to judge others based on factors beyond their control.”

# 25 Let the Fun Begin


# 26 Capturing My Wife’s ‘Attractive’ Moments


# 27 I’m a Gift That Keeps on Giving


#28 You All Are My Inspiration


#29 Almost Perfect vs. The Real Me


#30 A Transformative Journey


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