A gifted artist creates 36 illustrations that perfectly capture the happiness of living alone

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Despite the drawbacks of living alone, there are also numerous benefits, such as reduced responsibilities and lower stress levels. Living independently allows individuals the freedom to do things according to their preferences without the influence or judgment of others. As the number of people in one’s surroundings increases, there is often a tendency to be conscious of how others perceive us, leading to a divergence between our true desires and our behavior.

Embracing the single life and living alone can be incredibly rewarding, as illustrated by the artwork of Yaoyao Ma Van As, a Los Angeles-based painter, illustrator, and occasional animator. Through a series of drawings, she captures the enchantment of solitary living. These illustrations highlight the unique joys of living alone, where individuals can fully express themselves without inhibition.

More info: yaoyaomavanas.com

Here are some glimpses into the magic of living alone:

#1 **Enjoying Tranquil Moments**

   Living alone allows for the luxury of peace.

#2 **Playtime with Your Furry Friend**

   Uninhibited play with your pet without any distractions.

#3 **Escaping into Fantasy**

   The freedom to escape reality on your terms.

#4 **Flexible Work Schedule**

   You are working at your own pace and whenever you feel most productive.

#5 **Sipping Tea While Admiring the Rain**

   I was leisurely enjoying a cup of tea while watching the rain.

#6 **Embracing Leisurely Days**

   I am taking the time to do absolutely nothing.

#7 **Dancing without Inhibition**

   She was dancing freely without fear of judgment.

#8 **Cuddling with Your Best Companion**

   I am finding comfort in the companionship of your pet.

#9 **Indulging in Guilty Pleasures**

   Binge-eating without concern for judgment.

#10 **Embracing Clumsiness**

    I was clumsy without worrying about others.

#11 **Extended Relaxing Baths**

    I am enjoying long baths without time constraints.

#12 **Appreciating the Little Joys**

    I am finding joy in the small, simple pleasures.

#13 **Carefree Strolls**

    Taking leisurely walks without distractions.

#14 **Throwing a Party for One**

    We are celebrating and enjoying your own company.

#15 **Snacking Freely**

    I am indulging in snacks without the fear of judgment.

#16 **Savoring Morning Solitude**

    You are appreciating quiet mornings to yourself.

#17 **Meditating Uninterrupted**

    I am finding peace through meditation without distractions.

#18 **Working on Your Terms**

    I was having the freedom to work in your preferred way.

#19 **Treating Yourself to Treats**

    I was indulging in a whole batch of cookies guilt-free.

#20 **Quality Time with Yourself**

    Cherishing moments of solitude and self-reflection.

#21 **Taking Mornings at Your Pace**

    I was enjoying a leisurely start to your day.

#22 **Setting Fine Dining Rules**

    You are creating your own rules for fine dining at home.

#23 **Daydreaming on Rainy Days**

    You are letting your mind wander on a rainy day.

#24 **Cleaning Up Your Way**

    You are cleaning the way you like without compromise.

#25 **Morning Stretches in a Personal Space**

    You are stretching freely in the privacy of your own space.

#26 **Morning Moments with Your Pet**

    You are waking up to the company of your furry friend.

#27 **Reflective Morning Walks**

    Taking in the surroundings during morning walks.

#28 **Melting Away Troubles**

    I am finding solace and relaxation without interference.

#29 **Personalizing Your Space**

    You are marking your territory and making it your own.

#30 **Laundry Anywhere You Choose**

    I am doing laundry wherever you want without constraints.

#31 **Fashion Show for One**

    I was trying on all your clothes just for fun.

#32 **Expressing Your Artistic Side**

    It is unleashing your inner artist without inhibition.

#33 **Companionship with Your Pet**

    You are being by your pet’s side without distractions.

#34 **Flexibility Exercises**

    I am working on flexibility without self-consciousness.

#35 **Embracing the Chaos**

    I am making a mess without worrying about others.

#36 **Leaving Your Mark Everywhere**

    Leave your hair everywhere because you can.

Living alone provides the canvas for individuals to paint their lives with freedom, creativity, and self-expression, as depicted in these delightful illustrations.


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