After a $500 gift from a TikTok star turned into a $50,000 surprise, a traffic cop gained notoriety

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In a heartwarming tale that unfolded on the bustling streets of Detroit, a traffic cop’s life took an unexpected turn thanks to the kindness of a TikTok influencer. What started as a modest gift became a life-changing event, leaving the cop and the online community deeply moved.

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It all began when a TikTok influencer named Zachery Dereniowski decided to spread positivity on Mother’s Day. His goal was simple yet impactful: to celebrate the spirit of motherhood. As he wandered through the streets of Detroit, he encountered a hardworking traffic cop who had caught his attention.

Approaching the traffic cop, Dereniowski hatched a unique plan as part of his TikTok video content. He offered her a chance to buy a mystery jersey for a mere $1, a clever stunt to engage his followers. To his delight, the cop, identified as Linita Edge, revealed herself as a fan of the Detroit Tigers.

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Linita, immersed in her duty, regretfully stated that she couldn’t take part due to her responsibilities. Nevertheless, Dereniowski’s goodwill was evident, and he took the initiative to ensure Linita could briefly step away from her duties. Approaching her lieutenant, he secured her a short break, leaving her appreciative but also concerned about the impact on her earnings.

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In a touching turn of events, Dereniowski handed Linita a surprising gift: $500 in cash. Overwhelmed and wiping tears from her eyes, Linita’s disbelief was palpable. She recounted her financial challenges and reluctance to burden her children. The unexpected generosity touched her profoundly and inspired gratitude beyond words.

Dereniowski’s TikTok video went viral, garnering a staggering 9.5 million views. The heartwarming interaction between him and Linita resonated with viewers, drawing attention to the genuine act of kindness. Comments poured in, acknowledging Linita’s strength amid her challenges and applauding Dereniowski for his compassion.

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Dereniowski, known for his philanthropic endeavors, pointed his supporters to a GoFundMe campaign he created for Linita. His intention was clear: to alleviate her financial burdens and support her family’s well-being. The backstory of Linita losing her husband and becoming the sole provider for her family further fueled the empathy of those who came across the fundraiser.

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In a remarkable display of unity, the online community rallied behind Linita’s cause. The fundraiser quickly accumulated an astonishing $54,520 in just three days. Dereniowski’s efforts extended beyond virtual support; he treated Linita to another baseball game, where the announcement of additional funds raised through the TikTok video filled the air.

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The moment was profound when Dereniowski presented Linita with a check for $50,000. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Linita’s emotional reaction captured the essence of her transformation. The total funds raised surpassed $56,000, and Linita was left in disbelief at the incredible blessings that had come her way.

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Reflecting on her journey, Linita shared her humble desires for her children’s success and happiness. Her aspirations weren’t materialistic but instead rooted in their growth and well-being. She expressed contentment in knowing that her efforts as a mother had a lasting impact, and her heart was whole.

Zachery Dereniowski’s gesture, initially sparked by a simple thought on Mother’s Day, grew into a transformative experience for Linita Edge and her family. Their story is a testament to the power of compassion, unity, and the unexpected ways life can intersect and change.

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As we witness the remarkable journey that unfolded on the streets of Detroit, we’re reminded that even amid challenges, a small act of kindness has the potential to ripple into a tide of change. It’s a reminder to embrace the opportunities to lift one another and create a brighter, more connected world.

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