An 8-year-old’s accurate portrayal of a mother working from home reaches millions of people on LinkedIn

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In a heartwarming and relatable video, a young girl’s playful imitation of her mother’s remote work routine has resonated deeply with countless parents and LinkedIn’s user base.

Colleen Chulis

Recently, Colleen Chulis from Charlottesville, Virginia, shared a video featuring her 8-year-old daughter, Adelle. The video humorously showcased Adelle deftly mimicking the intricate juggling act of managing phone calls, virtual meetings, and motherly duties while working from home. Within a short span, this video garnered a remarkable 7 million views.

Chulis, a prominent regional vice president of regulated industries at SAP SuccessFactors, shed light on the video’s origin. Working from home since the onset of the pandemic, Chulis recounted her daughter’s enthusiasm for creating these short skits. “She’s consistently eager to be in front of the camera,” Chulis stated during her interview with “Good Morning America.” “I’d suggest, ‘How about we make a quick video?’ That’s exactly how this endearing portrayal transpired.”

Colleen Chulis

In a world where remote work has become the norm, Chulis manages her demanding role while parenting her three children: Adelle, Luke (10), and Declan (6), who adapt to a hybrid learning model. As a regional vice president, Chulis frequently engages in sales-related discussions with clients through video conferences. However, her efforts are challenging. “I find myself delivering presentations via PowerPoint while my kids chime in with requests for ice pops or pass notes under my door. It’s the everyday occurrences,” she revealed.

While Chulis’s husband, Matt Chulis, serves as The men’s soccer team’s associate head coach at the University of Virginia, he, too, plays an active role in their children’s lives. Although he resumed in-person work a few months ago, Matt remains an involved and hands-on father. Consequently, Colleen often simultaneously shoulders the responsibilities of remote parenting and professional commitments.

Chulis’s video post drew the attention of over 23,000 individuals, many of whom could relate to Adelle’s spot-on enactment, drawing parallels to their situations as parents. “This is absolutely hilarious. She possesses the qualities of an aspiring actress,” Chulis exclaimed, reflecting on the comments. She noted that others expressed sentiments such as “This is me!” or “I wonder how my daughter would fare in a similar scenario – probably much worse!”

Colleen Chulis

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response, some viewers interpreted Adelle’s portrayal as a reflection of Chulis’s challenges in attaining an ideal work-life equilibrium. However, Chulis pointed out how the pandemic compelled working parents to blend their personal and professional realms seamlessly. She articulated, “When I’m in professional mode, I’m fully immersed in it. Conversely, as a mother, my focus is entirely on my children. The distinction between these roles has blurred due to current circumstances.”

Chulis acknowledged the unforeseen circumstances that the pandemic presented and expressed gratitude for the flexibility her occupation has exhibited during these trying times. She said with a sense of grace and understanding, “I occasionally conclude my work earlier than usual to join my husband in chauffeuring the children to soccer practice. Striking my unique balance ensures contentment and well-being for all parties involved.”

The captivating portrayal of remote work through a young girl’s lens has elicited empathy, laughter, and relatability. As the professional landscape evolves, individuals like Colleen Chulis epitomize the dynamic and resilient nature of contemporary parenting and remote work integration.


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