Awful Taste But Great Execution: 30 Funny Examples from This Online Group (New Pics)

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Regardless of who they are or what they like, anyone can learn a talent. Since everyone’s sense of taste is different, many creative people are able to produce bizarre and absurd things that are flawlessly executed.

Pictures of “Work done so brilliantly, you won’t know whether to love it or detest it” can be found in the subreddit Awful Taste but Great Execution. See a few of their postings in the gallery below and make your own judgment on whether you think they’re hip or awful. Additionally, you may view our earlier blogs here and here if you want to see more images like this.

More info: Reddit

#1  Love Cake

Image source: LowYak3

#2  I find that to be cool

Image source: Zew5

#3  This “Bad Guy” Epoxy table

Image source: Sniper_Chicken_

#4  Seat yourself

Image source: kitchenmutineer

#5  Reptile Hair

Image source: rekharose

#6  Why are you acting up, baby? You haven’t touched your Shrek breakfast

Image source: DimitriTooProBro

#7 A side-view handheld mirror

Image source: major_minus

#8  Kitchen window in the style of a garage door

Image source: agent_max_the_mick

#9  Foosball table with Barbie

Image source: dittidot

#10  This tattoo is a crossover

Image source: justcallmefafara

#11  Actually, sewing this required a lot of talent

Image source: Uminx

#12  I Really Think This Belongs Here

Image source: Pork-Piggler

#13  Genuinely Moved By The Commitment

Image source: KaterWaiter

#14  But why, you ask

Image source: Sky_High8422

#15  Cake with piranha plants

Image source: Highest_five

#16  With some cheese, I love me some human flesh

Image source: SirLagALot420

#17  While I’m sleeping, I feel like I can smell chlorine

Image source: Ok-Practice-5864

#18  a chook lamp I want it despite how ugly it is

Image source: NightOwl0920

#19  Spain Airbnb rental

Image source: Iccarys

#20  Mussolini’s Italian Fascist Party’s headquarters (1934)

Image source: fyflate89

#21  These Couch Rolls Are Fat

Image source: gingerblz

#22  Louis Vuitton Fire Suppression Equipment

Image source: mikeymiggz

#23  One of the brands on the cake shared this

Image source: cos_css

#24  Cake, Please

Image source: BeckyKidus

#25  It seems to be able to swivel as well

Image source: Legithmus

#26  Sharkberries?!

Image source: ihrie82

#27  Phone charger made by Cup Noodles

Image source: Impossible-Cup3811

#28  Fish and chips restaurant mural

Image source: nthensome

#29  I ask, Why?

Image source: arnoldsomen

#30  Although it’s done very well, I find myself feeling uneasy

Image source: Ash_Friday_2

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