Camila Cabello Refutes Claims Her Met Gala Ice Purse Cost $25k Amid Controversy

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No, the Camila Cabello Met Gala ice block… That is, her ice purse did not cost $25,000, she cleared up on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. This finally put some rumors to rest amid the event’s criticisms that often cite the perpetuation of tone-deaf displays of wealth.

Image credits: Entertainment Tonight

The 27-year-old singer recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon to discuss her newest album, C, XOXO. But she ended up discussing an ice-purse-specific meltdown that occurred during the 2024 Met Gala and took the world by storm—and revealed that, as it turns out, her intended accessory wasn’t supposed to be clutched at all.

A clip from the interview posted on the show’s official YouTube page teased that Camila was shown a photo by Jimmy of her at the star-studded ball in a custom Ludovic de Saint Sernin gown, made over 450 hours with over 250,000 Swarovski crystals. “Just so you know, this is the face of a stressed woman,” the Fifth Harmony alum quipped.

Image credits: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“Everybody was talking about your purse,” Jimmy observed. “You had an ice purse,” she continued. “So I’m telling the story about that and how on the red carpet you can’t have a plus one like you can’t take somebody with you, and it’s too hard to have a big old outfit.”

“So, when I show up there, and I’m wearing. I get this purse that we took out of a freezer, which was nice,” the “Havana” hitmaker said. “It’s a block of ice.” She argues: “It’s just a block of ice.”

Image credits: Entertainment Tonight

Vogue went on, May 7, to say that the block of ice had encased one rose; to me, it resembled that which was upon the invitation to the gala that Jane Wade designed. Camila proved to be shutting down rumor mills on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (June 13). Design dripped on the carpet as Camila ascended, and it was one of the night’s most creative allusions to the passage of time and ephemerality, fashion magazine wrote at the time.

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“Just water, frozen,” the Cuban native further exclaimed. “I didn’t think that ice is something that melts very quickly.” Camila noted how her highly-detailed look turned into a “nightmare situation” once she was inside New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, saying, “with Ed Sheeran cracking jokes, with people moving, and then the clutch just totally breaking.”

Rachel Sennott, Kaia Gerber, like, Emma Chamberlain, they all, like, turn around, and they’re like — [gasps] because my purse, like, just broke,” the songstress recounted. She added, “This is like the thing that you least want to happen is a bunch of, like, famous people looking at you, having a breakdown during the line before you take your picture at the Met Gala!”

Image credits: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Shocked, Jimmy probed on how the ex-pop girl band member handled the situation, to which Camila revealed that Kaia and other celebs suggested that she carry the damaged accessory as a clutch. “So you’re holding, glamorously, by the way, I will say — glamorously holding a block of ice,” the talk show host joked. “You don’t even look like you are freezing.”

Even Jerry Seinfeld, who was at the Met, applauded the ingenuity of the starlet’s out-of-the-ordinary purse and, according to Camila, wittily asked if he could put it in his cocktail. Later at the event, the musician joked about rumors that her ice purse had cost $25,000: “I was like, ‘Everyone, it’s water, frozen! You can make it at home!’ Buy a flower from your local florist and freeze it.” So ice is the price of water + an Etsy rose.”

An avalanche of poor reviews has thus rained over social media during the event on Camila’s frozen clutch. This includes a viral video posted on TikTok by Noah Glenn that called to cancel the singer. This allegedly takes place in the video where Noah said that Camila’s accessory was made with “expensive water from Germany,” a comment bound to ruffle quite several people.

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