Cher Shares Why She Prefers Younger Men Over Those Her Age: They’re Either “Terrified” or “Dead”

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The legendary Cher has never been one to mince words, and she didn’t hold back when discussing her love life on The Jennifer Hudson Show this week. At 77 years young, the iconic singer says she prefers her partners to be significantly younger because men her age just don’t cut it anymore.

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During their frank conversation, Cher revealed that she tends to date partners decades younger than herself for two main reasons: 1) Men around her age are too “terrified” to approach her, and 2) The harsh truth is that many of them have already passed away!

“I’m really shy when I’m not working and kind of shy around men,” the Oscar-winner admitted. “And the reason I go out with young men is because men my age or older – well, now they’re mostly gone – but before they just never had the nerve to hit on me. Younger guys were the only ones bold enough.”

Leave it to Cher to be so blunt! But she makes a fair point – her megastar wattage would certainly be intimidating for a lot of older gentlemen.

Hudson chimed in playfully “Yeah, raised by powerhouse women like me,” giving Cher props for empowering younger generations.

The two divas got on the topic after Hudson asked Cher to confirm the urban legend that she once turned down Elvis Presley himself back in the day. Cher confessed it was true, saying she was “nervous” about The King’s wild reputation and crowd he ran with

These days, the “Believe” icon is seriously smitten with her boyfriend of nearly a year, music producer Alexander “AE” Edwards, who at 38 is 39 years her junior. Cher has been outspoken about defending their large age gap, gushing that Edwards is “fabulous” and saying “on paper, it’s ridiculous. But in real life, we click great.”

Cher listed qualities she loves about her man, like how he’s “very kind, smart, talented, and really funny. And I think he’s quite handsome too.” Hard to argue with that!

This isn’t Cher’s first younger beau either. She famously dated Tom Cruise in the 80s when he was just 25 to her 40. She also had a fling with Rob Camilletti when she was 40 and he was only 22.

Look, you may not always agree with Cher’s dating choices, but you have to give her credit – that woman simply does not care what anyone thinks! She’s going to live her life exactly how she wants. Cher has never filtered herself for others’ comfort. She speaks her mind freely, feathers ruffled or not.

That’s just quintessential Cher – an original through and through. She has always marched to the beat of her own drum. While others fret over keeping up appearances, she’s too busy being 100% authentically herself. You’ve got to respect her unwavering sense of self and refusal to conform. Not many people have the guts to go through life that unabashedly true to themselves, critics be damned. Love her or not, Cher is definitely the realest!

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