This Sewing Community Has Shared 30 Of The Most Amazing Projects

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Anyone may go to the shop and buy new clothes off the rack, but why pay for a new t-shirt or dress when you can make your own? At least, that’s what the r/Sewing online community’s creative members believe.

This online community’s members are sharing their amazing sewing, embroidery, and patchwork crafts, and they may encourage you to try your hand at these hobbies as well. In the gallery below, you can see some of the most outstanding crafts posted in this online group, and if you want to learn more, read our previous story about the knitting community here!

#1 I’ve been sewing shirts and ties for my five cats. It’s been a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy these

Image source: vjloco

(User vjloco has the most popular post in the whole subreddit. It’s a mosaic of shirts he stitched for himself and his cats, with matching cut ties.

“At the outset of the epidemic, my daughter handed me her old sewing machine. With her support and YouTube lessons, I was able to teach myself “vjloco told Bored Panda about the roots of his new pastime.)

#2 I Constructed a Coat! (View D with B’s Hem, McCalls 6800)

Image source: happy-chickadee

#3 My son’s Halloween costume is now complete

Image source: MostFlavorfulBond

#4 My Wedding Dress Was Made by Me (No Pattern)

Image source: penniee95

#5 Self-created. There isn’t a pattern. I made this costume entirely out of Kente fabric

Image source: theeramonkota

#6 My Rainbow Quilt is Completed! Also included is a matching body pillow case. Happy Pride Month, everyone!

Image source: eros0327

#7 In 2020, I intend to sew a book about my father’s life to commemorate him. This is the first page

Image source: SherlockToad1

#8 Sweatpants Were Sewn into A Wedding Dress

Image source: jennaphipps4

#9 Ellie and Mac Patterns Duchess Coat for My Spiderman-Obsessed 2y.o. Niece. I’m excited to see
it on her!

Image source: AuDBallBag

#10 I Designed a Non-Traditional Wedding Dress! V9296

Image source: Shanglorice

#11 For Renn Faire, I created a Maple Leaf Fairy costume (B4571)

Image source: sewing_magic

#12 This is a prom gown that my Nigerian aunt made for me in 2019. It was created using two different dresses as inspiration. My favorite part of the fabric is the pattern! (There is no pattern.)

Image source: haveaSmiletoday

#13 I Made a Butterfly Dress from an Early 1900s Illustration!

Image source: Nerrnerr

#14 (Drafted by the author) I reworked my old lounge dress into a sundress because it wasn’t getting much use

Image source: dark_pine

#15 I bought my first sewing machine two weeks ago and had no idea what I was doing. So I spent hours watching how-to videos on YouTube. This is something I made myself the other day

Image source: luminoussaid

#16 I Wish I Had the Courage to Wear This Out. It took me a long time to make

Image source: curcutie

#17 This Dior-inspired trench coat was designed, sewn, and modeled by myself

Image source: twink_trash

#18 I created a whole 1850’s outfit. It’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth it!

Image source: WhitGoose

#19 I finished my self-drafted Belle Gown (Beauty & The Beast)

Image source: MacrameOwl

#20 Billy Porter’s Oscars Tuxedo Gown was made by myself (Self Drafted)

Image source: love_wear

#21 To Look Like the Night Sky, I Made a Velvet Dress with Leds (Self Drafted)

Image source: sewing_magic

#22 (Fo) I work in wedding dress alterations, but my true passion is suit alterations. Here’s my most
recent suit, which I made for myself

Image source: billbobful

#23 Umbrellas that have been broken have been used to make this coat

Image source: hero_to_0

#24 I designed Bilbo’s dressing gown for the first Hobbit film (M7875)

Image source: sewing_magic

#25 (Self-Drafted) Sewist on a Shoestring Recreates Expensive Dresses This Teuta Matoshi Dress
Inspires Me

Image source: Paurovas

#26 First Dress Completed vs. First Dress I Can Wear in Public

Image source: cammickin

#27 (McCall’s Archive Collection M7478 from 1956) It Took Me A Long Time to Finish This Coat, But I’m Really Happy with The Results – Especially The Twirl Factor!

Image source: moseyb

#28 I Designed and Built an Engagement Photo Dress

Image source: RavennaBlack

#29 My Thrift-Flipped Wedding Dress, which I made myself

Image source: sarcastic_ginger

#30 Even if prom isn’t happening this year, I can still twirl about in the ball gown I made!! Self-Drafted

Image source: aliyaahjs


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