Glynis Johns, Star of ‘Mary Poppins,’ Passes Away at the Age of 100

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Iconic actress Glynis Johns, renowned for portraying the suffragette mother Winifred Banks in the classic film “Mary Poppins,” has passed away at 100. The British star, whose illustrious career spanned over six decades, breathed her last in Los Angeles on Thursday, as confirmed by her manager. In addition to her cinematic achievements, Johns left an indelible mark as a distinguished theater performer.

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Her manager, Mitch Clem, expressed in a statement that Glynis’s demise marked a solemn day for Hollywood. Throughout her life, Glynis navigated the entertainment industry with intelligence, wit, and a passion for performance that touched the lives of millions. Early in his career, Clem acknowledged Glynis’s influence, noting that she set a high standard for gracefully, classily, and truthfully navigating the complexities of the industry. Glynis’s light continued to shine brightly for a remarkable 100 years.


Known for her sharp wit and a heart that exuded deep and pure love, Glynis Johns left an enduring legacy. The entertainment industry not only mourns the loss of a beloved figure but also reflects on the end of the golden age of Hollywood.

Having celebrated her 100th birthday in October 2023, Glynis shared with ABC7 just before the milestone that she did not feel any different despite reaching the century mark. Her remarkable career included an Oscar nomination for the part she played in “The Sundowners,” released in 1960.” She collaborated with luminaries like Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, and Peter O’Toole in the movie “Under Milk Wood” and made several noteworthy TV appearances. In 1963, she headlined her sitcom, “Glynis.”

In the later stages of her career, Glynis Johns took on diverse roles, portraying the quirky and fragile grandmother in the 1995 romantic comedy “While You Were Sleeping.” Her final cinematic appearance was in the 1999 film “Superstar,” starring Molly Shannon, where she once again charmed audiences as the grandmother. Glynis Johns leaves behind a legacy that spans Hollywood’s golden era and resonates with the timeless impact of her performances.

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