In order for her sons’ future partners to be equal, mom teaches her sons how to share household responsibilities

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Payal Desai, a 37-year-old mother, is making a significant impact online by sharing the lessons she’s imparting to her sons. Her aim is clear: equip them with the skills and understanding ensuring they do not place undue burdens on their future partners.

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In her popular TikTok series, “No Dusty Sons”, Desai touches upon the age-old disparity in how boys and girls are raised. This differential upbringing often echoes into adulthood, influencing relationships. For instance, she teaches her son the importance of tidying up after himself, emphasizing that no one else should be burdened by his mess. She also guides him in the art of choosing cards and gifts for relatives, ensuring the responsibility of remembering special occasions doesn’t solely fall on his future spouse.

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Adding a dose of humor, Desai’s videos often end with her signature intimidating stare, which viewers find both amusing and impactful. The comedic aspect was enhanced when she involved her mother in a video, highlighting the importance of teaching boys to cook, drawing from her mother’s experiences.

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While many of Desai’s teachings are geared towards future relationships, she also touches upon broader societal themes. In one memorable instance, she teaches her son to accept and understand that facial hair on women is natural, urging him to abstain from mocking or bullying anyone because of it. Furthermore, she sheds light on emotional well-being, prompting her sons to journal their feelings instead of resorting to emotional outbursts.

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Desai revealed to BuzzFeed, “After becoming a mom of sons, I wanted to ensure they grew up with respect and empathy for themselves and girls. I also understood that I wanted them to model an egalitarian partnership like the one my husband and I have at home, one that is based on cooperation and open communication. She makes videos, she inspires parents to mold their children into independent and emotionally mature individuals, irrespective of gender. In doing so, she believes we take steps closer to a world that’s just and equal for all.

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