Indonesian Groom Discovers Wife is Actually a Man 12 Days After Marriage

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A newlywed man in Indonesia experienced an unbelievable shock when he found out that his bride was actually a man, deceiving him in order to steal his assets.

The 26-year-old individual responsible for the fraud has been arrested and is now facing possible jail time.

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The Unexpected Online Romance
The groom, who is also 26 and goes by the alias AK, met Adinda Kanza through social media last year. They hit it off online and eventually decided to meet in person. Even after meeting face-to-face, AK had no reason to suspect that Adinda was anything other than a woman, according to the South China Morning Post.

Adinda always appeared in traditional Muslim attire, with her face fully covered. She claimed to be a devout Muslim, and AK took her veil as a sign of her religious commitment.

Moving Towards Marriage
After more than a year of dating, the couple decided to get married. Adinda claimed she had no family members to attend the wedding, leading them to have a low-key ceremony. They got married at AK’s home on April 12, but did not officially register their marriage.

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Wedding photos show AK with Adinda, who was dressed in a gown that matched AK’s suit. Adinda even brought 5 grams of gold as a dowry, a traditional gift from the bride’s side to the groom.

Unraveling the Truth
Twelve days into the marriage, AK began to feel suspicious. Adinda refused to communicate with his family and continued to wear her veil at home. She also avoided intimacy, making excuses like not feeling well or being on her period.

AK decided to investigate Adinda’s background and discovered she was not an orphan. The individual, later identified as ESH, had living parents who were unaware of their son’s marriage. According to some reports, ESH’s parents had not heard from him in years and were unaware of AK.

Legal Consequences
AK reported the situation to the police. ESH, who had been cross-dressing since 2020, admitted to marrying AK with the intent to steal his assets. Investigators noted that ESH had a convincing “female-sounding voice” and behaved like a woman.

Current Situation
ESH is now facing fraud charges and could be sentenced to up to four years in prison. Details about ESH’s preferred pronouns and sexual orientation are unclear. Police mentioned that while ESH had dated women in the past, he might have enjoyed pretending to be a woman while being with men.

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Public Reaction
The incident has led to many online discussions, with people expressing that they would “sue” or “file charges” if placed in a similar situation.

In Indonesia, LGBTQ+ issues are highly sensitive, with strong opposition to same-sex marriage. Surveys by the Pew Research Center show that 100% of respondents consider religion important, and 88% are strongly against same-sex marriage.

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