J.K. Rowling Holds Grudge Against Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for Supporting Trans Movement

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J.K. Rowling isn’t showing signs of forgiving actors Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, well-known for their roles in bringing her Harry Potter characters to life on screen.

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In a recent online discussion, Rowling seemed to express her disappointment with Radcliffe and Watson, who have previously voiced their support for transgender rights.

Rowling’s comments came as she shared her thoughts on the release of the long-awaited Cass Review, conducted by Pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass, which looked into gender identity services for minors in the UK. The review highlighted a “lack of high-quality research” onThe impacts of puberty blockers on young individuals.

The author took aim at what she referred to as “celebrity advocates” following the Cass Review, criticizing the administration of gender-affirming care to children despite the limited research available.

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Expressing her frustration, Rowling questioned why there was seemingly no remorse from those backing what she sees as “severe medical malpractice,” and urged them to consider the potential harm caused by their support.

Regarding a tweet suggesting Radcliffe and Watson might apologize, Rowling hinted that she wouldn’t be open to such an apology, especially from celebrities aligning with movements she believes undermine women’s rights.

In response to a fan’s remark, Rowling emphasized that celebrities who championed the transitioning of minors should direct their apologies to those affected rather than expect forgiveness from her.

Radcliffe and Watson had previously shown solidarity with the trans community during a controversy sparked by Rowling’s critique of language surrounding gender identity back in 2020.

Despite facing criticism for her views, Rowling remained steadfast, arguing that recognizing biological sex is crucial and not a form of hate speech.

Radcliffe penned an essay expressing support for the transgender community, while Watson affirmed the validity of transgender identities.

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A representative for Rowling declined to comment, and there has been no response from Radcliffe’s and Watson’s representatives to queries from Bored Panda, with some fans accusing Rowling of using her platform to promote negativity.

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