Meet little Gavrill Sherbenko, a baby still in diapers who’s surprising everyone with his fantastic piano skills

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Gavrill understands music, and the best part is that he does it with so much joy. You know, like how Mozart wowed people with his music when he was just five years old, or when Franz Liszt played the piano like a pro at 9, or when Yo-Yo Ma played the cello for President John F. Kennedy at the age of 7.


People have always been fascinated by kids who are super good at music when they’re young. We all wonder how they find out about their talent. Is it something they’re born with, or do they learn from their families? Can we make kids super good at music on purpose, or is it something that happens and we can’t control?

Gavrill’s family shows how a baby still wearing diapers can be good at music.

Lots of 1 1/2-year-olds like to hit piano keys to make noise. But Gavrill is different. His chubby little fingers make actual chords and play notes with both hands.

At first, it might look like he’s just pressing keys randomly, but he’s playing purposefully. If you watch more videos of Gavrill at the piano, you’ll see that he didn’t just become good at music out of nowhere. He lives in a family that loves music. In some videos, he sits on his sister’s lap and watches her play and sing. In others, he sits on his mom’s or dad’s lap and plays around with the piano sounds, with or without their help.

But sometimes, he plays all by himself, and you can tell he already knows a lot about how notes work together and how to make chords. This is amazing, even in families that really like music.

The best part of the videos is how happy and loving everyone looks. It’s not like when someone gets mad at you for making a mistake like Beethoven might have experienced. Yes, Gavrill’s family is helping him understand the piano, but they’re all having a great time. Like a family that loves sports and would play with a ball, this family makes music together.

When you have a loving environment and a natural talent, that’s when amazing things happen. And when you mix that with really enjoying what you’re doing, it’s just the best. It’s so cool to see how Gavrill can play the music his sister sings. He knows which notes to play along with her singing and can use his fingers well for his age.

If he keeps having fun playing the piano, it will be interesting to see how good he becomes as he grows up. As one person commented, “Get ready for a fancy tuxedo!” He may become an excellent musician one day!

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