Nature Of The world Has Successfully Recaptured Her 45 Times

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Nature always seems to find a way to take everything back; no matter how hard we people strive to construct anything. All that’s left occasionally is to take a step back and appreciate this irresistible force at work.

Even if witnessing nature gently crawl over man-made structures makes you wonder how fleeting everything around us is, it’s still a lovely sight. From traffic signs to entire cities, we’ve got you covered.

1.Amazing 13th Century Abandoned Château in France

A fire broke out in the building in 1932, causing extensive damage to the structure and its contents. It’s been left to the elements since then.

Image source: digitalanthill

2.In France, there is an abandoned church.

Image source: Quentin Chabrot

3.This Tree Consuming A Bridge Has Googley Eyes Added To It.

Image source: pendingperil

4.Norway Style Abandoned House

Image source: iam4real

5.In the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia, an abandoned apartment
building is being claimed by the sea.

6.The Mangrove Forest is reclaiming a Buddha statue.

Image source: Fire_Bucket

7.Namibia’s Desert Reclaiming Territories Kolmanskop, now a ghost town,
was once an oasis for miners.

Image source: meminaltan

8.On the tops of abandoned chimneys, trees have sprung.

Image source: lorrenzo

9.I noticed a tree devouring a stop sign.

Image source: gravityisweak

10.The Scola Tower is located in Liguria, Italy.

Image source: PlusFeeds

11.Ivy Reclaims an Abandoned Bike

Image source: martez89

12.Mother Nature Is Trying to Get Your Attention. In China, I believe.

Image source: youknowcyc

13.Inside the hull of a sunken ship, trees grow.

Image source: sheenhai

14.Bob Ross Has Touched On An Abandoned Asylum In Italy.

Image source: urbex_sno

15.Green Is My Destiny. Escalator that has been abandoned.

Image source: espinas3

16.Japan has a shrine.

Image source: 98naykkan

17.The Cross was taken by this tree as it grew over a gravestone.

Image source: Arco_Sonata

18.The SS City of Adelaide, wrecked off the coast of Magnetic Island,Australia, is slowly being reclaimed by the earth.

19.In Tennessee, kudzu has taken over a barn.

20.Roller Coaster that has gotten out of control.

Image source: RoyalKoala23

21.In the Czech Republic, there is an abandoned railway bridge.

Image source: JanSuchy

22.Mushrooms are sprouting from the floor!

Image source: Seandonjuan

23.I discovered this tree growing in an old silo.

Image source: Ziell0s

24.Ivy has completely taken over this structure.

Image source: Autogegner

25.Stone Cottage that has been abandoned. Ireland, Sneem/Kenmare.

Image source: ethan_kahn


26.It’ll Buff Out With Just A Little Moss.

Image source: BreakingDed

27.In Washington, there is a road that has been lost.

Image source: Mightnotapply

28.28 I grew up on the former Navy Base in Puerto Rico, which closed in 2004.It has now become overgrown and has been taken over by nature.

Image source: jenpriester

I came upon a photo of the road where I grew up, which is the section after the hill behind me. It makes me sad because I have many fond memories of the place.

29.I discovered a tree that had grown through a speed limit sign.

Image source: Swingguitars

30.A large metal sign hung on this tree has almost completely overgrown it.

Image source: NibblesTheChimp

31.In Beijing, there is an abandoned car.

Image source: Proteon

32.This Tree Has Obscured This Street Sign.

Image source: Althunter_man86

33.Inside a bike seat, a moss colony has grown.

Image source: teton_blamer

34.A Fence is being eaten by a tree.

Image source: pwatapwet

35.Akarmara, Abkhazia, is an abandoned city.

Image source: hashamean


36.In an old section of Kolkata, a sacred tree is reclaiming an occupied five-story building.

Image source: JohnBrownsHolyGhost

37.Flooding has washed away a road in the state of Washington.

Image source: resonanteye

38.This tree, which is near my school track, has absorbed a fence and is displaying the pattern on its bark.

Image source: Epicminecrafter69

39.In the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Nature Is Winning The Battle Against Civilization.

Image source:

40.In A Rain Gutter, There’s A Cactus.

Image source: scottdottcom

41.This Tree Has Nearly Completed Its Surrounding of A Sign.

Image source: SomeonesDrunkNephew

42.An abandoned office with a lot of moss and mold was discovered.

Image source: rumhipstern

43.An old, deserted road is gradually healing and being reclaimed by nature.

Image source: mapmyhike

44.In The Woods, I Found A Shoe.

Image source: VomitCoffin666

45.these Plants Have Propagated From Someone’s Car

Image source: el_capitan524


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