Older woman says, “Come home with me,” as airline refuses to let dad board plane with infant

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Parenting can be a tough journey, especially for first-time parents. But when a stranger comes forward to offer help during tough times, it can make all the difference in the world. One such heartwarming story that went viral is about Rubin Swift, who was refused boarding on a flight with his newborn daughter. However, a kind stranger named Joy Ringhofer came to his rescue and offered him and his daughter a place to stay until they could fly back home. Let’s delve deeper into this beautiful story.


Rubin Swift had just won custody of his newborn daughter and was on his way back home from an Arizona hospital when he was faced with an unexpected hurdle. He could not board the flight with his four-day-old daughter due to airline policy, which required babies to be at least 7 days old to fly. Although Rubin had already paid for the return flight, he couldn’t afford to stay at a hotel for the next few days until his daughter was old enough to fly back with him.

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In his moment of need, Rubin remembered Joy Ringhofer, a stranger he had met at the hospital who had offered to help. Rubin called the hospital and asked for Joy’s help, and she immediately invited him and his daughter to stay with her until they could fly back home.

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Joy, a hospital volunteer, welcomed Rubin and his daughter into her home, took care of them, and made them feel like family. Rubin expressed his gratitude towards Joy, saying, “We’re two different colors, and she opened up her door and it never was an issue. My color was never an issue. She loves my baby. She held her. My baby was with her all night. Who does that?”


Rubin Swift’s heartwarming story is a reminder that kindness and empathy can make a significant impact on people’s lives. In this instance, Joy Ringhofer’s act of kindness helped a father in need and gave him hope during a challenging time. The world needs more people like Joy, who go out of their way to help strangers in need. This story has touched the hearts of many and serves as an inspiration for all of us to be kind to one another.


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