20 Times People Won Photoshop Battles with Creativity and Humor.

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Photoshop has become a popular tool for photo editing and meme creation. Some people have refined their talents to the point where they compete in online Photoshop fights. These battles do exist! They’re also a lot of fun!

There’s even a Reddit forum dedicated to “Photoshop Battles” with 17.8 million members. People with photoshop talents may use the internet community to showcase their ingenuity. It’s “a place to combat utilizing image alteration tools, play Photoshop tennis, create new images from existing photos, or even win Reddit gold,” according to their about section. In the gallery below, you can see some of their greatest entries.

More info: Reddit

#1 At an aquarium, this starfish

Image source: BayArea1227

#2 This green pepper is delicious

Image source: Claustrophob

#3 On My Mind: Chinchilla

Image source: Pragalbhv

We reached out to Eduardo Valdes-Hevia, a Spanish visual horror artist, to discover more about Photoshop’s secrets.

To begin with, he clarified the distinction between picture editing and manipulation. The technique of altering an original photograph is known as image editing. Many photographers use various colors, contrast, and cropping to modify their photos.

Deeper adjustments in a photograph or mixing numerous photos to create something new are examples of photo manipulation. It might entail everything from treating pimples to spreading false information.

#4 Porcelain Makeup from China.

Image source: PeanutSte

#5 On a windy day in Ireland, a dog

Image source: SchrodingersNutsack

#6 Ireland’s Sculpture

Image source: CharlieAndArtemis

#7 The Chef in the White House

Image source: vijju007

#8 Peeking at Trump

Image source: jebbaok

#9 Pennywise the dog was dressed up.

Image source: JusticeBonerOfTyr

“Photo manipulation, or more precisely, the composites you”ll generally see in Photoshop wars,” Valdés-Havier explained.

“Finding a background image that fits your subject or vice versa is the first step. Then masking the subject away from their original background, matching things like lighting and color in both scenes, adding shadows, and sometimes skewing perspectives to fool the eye into thinking it’s all a single picture!”

“Hiding the most apparent alterations using shadows, fog, or whatever else you can think of and control” is a crucial component of photo shopping. He added.

#10 Pennywise the Dog’s Costume

Image source: idea4granted

#11 The Bride Is Standing In The Sea

Image source: SchrodingersNutsack

#12 wrapped with a towel, an eagle

Image source: PeanutSte

#13 This jogger is interrupting a conversation

Image source: BayArea1227

#14 This Cat Is Stuck In A Cone

Image source: pangolin_nipsl1p

#15 Dogs Peeing In The Rain While Wearing Plastic Bags

Image source: u/skidmcboney

#16 A box helmet is worn by this dog

Image source: Idk-I-Just-Do-Stuff

#17 This Contented Corgy Is Walking Along A Train Track

Image source: jebbaok

#18 In the Darkness, a Black Cat

Image source: AWU_Hades

#19 Squirrel with Cross-Arms

Image source: Planejet42

#20 A rice-flipping man

Image source: SpaghettiEddies

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