Ronda is a must-visit town that should be in your bucket list!

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Well! Ronda is the dream city of Andalucia

While lying on Instagram, we could see a set of elegant photos of Ronda. Of course, Ronda is the ancient town in the province of Malaga in Andalusia, Spain. It was all at once an impregnable fort only fighting through deceit and during the reconquest for the time rock blasting guns.

Ronda is a beautiful town architectured in the nineteenth century. This picturesque town is located on the giant sandstone hill divided by the El Tajo gorge river, and the Guadalevin River runs under the mountain.

The view of the Ronda is breathtaking. It is pretty easy to navigate this town by walking. It is cobbled with streets visiting the Real Maestranza bullring, the Puente Nuevo, or El Tajo gorge. Moreover, there are many museums, temples, cafes and many more.

Ronda is located at an altitude of 750 meters. So the climate in the summer season is much more temperate than the sweltering Guandalquir Plain, and in the winter, it is wet.

At present, the population thriving in Ronda is 35000 people. The majority of the population are outside of the historic center. Still, people live in the village that is very charming and delightful.

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Image source: jamesrelfdyer

Here are the wonders of Ronda at a glance!

El Tajo Gorge

Ronda boasts one of the most remarkable places in Spain. It is located 100 meters on each side of El Tajo Gorge. Yeah, it is a magnificent walking area. A dramatic path takes it directly down to the lower part of El Tajo, to the foot of the vital “New Bridge” that visits the Gorge.

Puento Nuevo

Ronda’s Puente Nuevo crosses the El Tajo Gorge. It was built to enhance its two existing bridges, Puento Viejo and Puento Romano, dating from Ronda’s Moorish period, between the ninth and fifteen centuries.

Cono Balconies
“Balcon Conos” is a Spanish slang word. In English, it is a rude word. When walking around the Paseo E Hemingway; the visitor should pass the number of balconies that hang on the edge of the Tajo Gorge. From those balconies, we can see the Ronda town.

New Bridge

The new bridge is the fantastic construction of 1793. A new bridge was completed after forty years. The terrifying and lovely place in Ronda is Puente Nuevo. It connects to the market called EI Mercadillo, a newer part of town called La Ciudad, a Moorish quarter. This is the most attractive and relatively simple. It is the most dangerous place in Ronda.


Bullfighting is popular in Ronda. It’s the birthplace of bullfights. Spain’s bullrings are impressive architectural structures. It is a more attractive place to visit. Francisco Romero confronted the bull by walking interestingly rather than riding a horse during the eighteenth century. Today, two of the most renowned experts of the style are spearheaded by Romero Cayetano and Francisco Rivera Ordoñez, whose grandfather is included in Hemingway’s A Dangerous Summer.

Natural Parks

The town, Ronda becomes a paradise as it comprises three natural parks.

Sounds great, huh!

Grazalema Natural Park, Alcornocales Natural Park, and the Sierra de las Nieves National Park.

Wrapping up…

Ronda is the most prosperous architectural place to visit and enjoy your precious time. Do not forget that there are loads of breathtaking views along with sunrise and sunset.


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