She is an amazingly gifted woman who can quickly change her accent so that others are unable to identify where she is from

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Some individuals possess a natural talent for acquiring languages, and a musical ear is often an indicator of this ability. Those who can discern tones can also pick up on subtle pronunciation distinctions between different languages, such as how a “D” is pronounced in English compared to Spanish.

The Language Blondie/TikTok

Research also indicates that people who excel at learning multiple languages tend to have strong memories, allowing them to store information in long-term memory and retrieve it quickly.

Teona Sima, known as The Language Blondie on social media, exemplifies this innate language-learning ability and knows how to have fun with it. She is proficient in English, French, Spanish, Macedonian, and Turkish. What’s more, she possesses the remarkable skill of speaking languages in the accents of various countries. In a viral TikTok video with over 40 million views, she showcases her ability to speak English in 12 different accents, including American English, Greek, Australian, French, Russian, Spanish, Macedonian, British English, Serbian, Indian, Turkish, and Italian.

Could you guess her country of origin simply by listening to her employ these diverse accents?

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Despite her exceptional talent for interpreting the English language with various accents, one might assume she hails from an English-speaking nation. However, Sima is actually from Macedonia, a southeastern European country where Macedonian is the native tongue, spoken by over 1.3 million people.

Presently, Sima is a student at the American University in Bulgaria and works as a marketing intern.

Sima shared with Unilad that her ability to mimic accents has led people to believe she’s from Ireland, Los Angeles, and Australia. She traces the origins of her knack for accents back to around the age of 11 or 12 when she frequently imitated personalities like Superwoman, Miranda Sings, and Liza Koshy at home. Sima believes this practice was crucial for honing her language learning skills, as it involved careful listening and imitation.

She asserts that anyone can acquire her language skills, but it requires time and patience. “You will absolutely sound terrible in the beginning, but don’t get discouraged, practice, practice, practice, then practice some more, and you will inevitably master it!,” she advises. “The important thing is to have fun with it and do your best to imitate exactly what you hear.”

Sima’s advice aligns with that of Emily Sabo, a linguistics researcher, who emphasizes that motivation is a pivotal factor in language acquisition. Those immersed in a new country where they don’t speak the language tend to learn much more quickly than those studying it casually for leisure.

Another of Sima’s impressive videos showcases her portraying a newscaster speaking multiple languages, including Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Greek, French, Spanish, Turkish, and UK and US English. Notably, she not only adopts the accents convincingly, but she also delivers the news with the appropriate gravitas and professionalism.

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