The young child who yearned to meet her sanitation worker and was eventually able to present him with a baked cupcake on her birthday is one of America’s cutest best friends

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People all around America have been moved by a sweet tale about an Illinois girl who received her birthday wish fulfilled. Brooklyn, a little child who had a unique relationship with her neighborhood trash collector, Delvar Dopson, was able to present him with a baked cupcake on his birthday. Traci Andracke, Brooklyn’s mother, posted this heartwarming event in a viral Facebook post. Let’s explore the endearing tale of Brooklyn and her devoted sanitation worker, Delvar Dopson, two of America’s cutest best friends.

When Brooklyn discovered that Thursdays were the day the garbage truck arrived at her house, she immediately fell in love with them. It quickly became her favorite day of the week as she awaited Delvar Dopson, the neighborhood garbage collector, to pass by the window. With time, Brooklyn’s excitement grew, and she began to anticipate Dopson’s arrival by standing outside and waving at him. And if she didn’t see him, she would even request that her mother drives around the neighborhood before she left for daycare in the mornings to look for the garbage truck and wave to Dopson. She looked forward to Thursdays with tremendous anticipation since she had a profound and steadfast love for the sanitation worker.

Brooklyn’s most recent birthday was particularly memorable because it was a Thursday. It was the ideal chance for her to thank Dopson for the happiness he had brought into her life. With her mother’s assistance, Brooklyn produced a homemade cupcake and excitedly awaited Dopson’s arrival. She hurried to the corner and waved at him when she saw him coming down their street. Dopson stopped the truck, got out, and gave Brooklyn a warm smile. As she handed him the cupcake while unable to speak, Dopson was moved by her thoughtful deed.

Brooklyn’s mother, Traci Andracke, shared the touching story on Facebook and thanked Dopson for making Brooklyn’s birthday one to remember. Dopson, who is childless, revealed that he mentors several young people and adores them.


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