24 Dynamic World Sports Photography Awards Winners

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Over 700 expert sports photographers from more than 70 nations have shared their finest captures with the World Sports Photography Awards. The results are in, and the champions of this unique global sports photography contest have been unveiled.

The top 24 images span an array of athletic activities, presenting an awe-inspiring snapshot of the sporting universe. From the courts of basketball and icy rinks of hockey to the intense arenas of martial arts and the splash-filled domains of aquatics, these categories let the photographers display the fruits of their dedication. Audiences are treated to both, high-octane action frames and tranquil instants of introspection preceding a major match.

Esteemed personalities in the realm of photography adjudicated the competition, lauding the artists who encapsulated the vigor, sentiment, and fervor inherent in sports. These adept photographers are setting new standards by telling profound stories within a solitary click. Owing to their remarkable skills, enthusiasts can vicariously experience every exhilarating second immortalized in these pictures.

Dive in below to appreciate the award-winning captures from this year’s World Sports Photography Awards.


Photo: Howard Lao (Gold, Baseball Category)


Photo: Anna Szilágyi (Gold, Aquatic Category)


Photo: Tom Jenkins (Gold, Gymnastics Category)


Photo: James Ward Breen (Gold, Martial Arts Category)


Photo: Octávio Passos (Gold, Water Category)


Photo: Petr Slavik (Gold, Urban & Extreme)


Photo: Scott Barbour (Gold, Tennis Category)


Photo: Kevin Sabitus (Gold, American Football Category)


Photo: Andrew Hancock (Gold, Basketball Category)


Photo: Bob Bradford (Gold, Rugby Category)


Photo: Kirk Irwin (Gold, Ice Hockey Category)


Photo: Darren Burns (Gold, Boxing Category)


Photo: Julia Roger-Veyer (Gold, Other Category)


Photo: Vince Mignott (Gold, Formula 1 Category)


Photo: Mrs Evo (Gold, Equestrian Category)


Photo: Aaron Gillons (Gold, Racquet Sports Category)


Photo: Xavier Pereyron (Gold, Cycling Category)


Photo: Patrick Smith (Gold, Golf Category)


Photo: Jesus Alvarez Orihuela (Gold, Football Category)


Photo: Annice Lyn (Gold, Winter Sports Category)


Photo: Phil Noble (Gold, Athletics Category)


Photo: Bodo Kräling (Gold, Motor Sports Category)


Photo: Philip Brown (Gold, Cricket Category)


Photo: Richard Heathcote (Gold, Venues & Views Category)

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