30 Most Funny Cat Tweets Ever (New Pics)

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With these amusing cat tweets compiled by Bored Panda, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a good laugh and some relatable stuff. These clever tweets featuring cat owners are amusing and serve as a reminder of the benefits of owning a pet. Here are some tips for caring for your tom cat friend and fostering a harmonious connection.

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Give your cat options so it won’t feel forced to change
Cats prefer to have options available to them than dealing with forced change, claims Ingrid Johnson, founder of Fundamentally Feline and a cat behavior marketing consultant. Suddenly changing your cat’s diet or litter manufacturer can stress them out, so giving preferences is always a better alternative.

Cats choose humans, giving them the power to control the encounters. They no longer enjoy being smothered. Rather than forcing them, let your cat use tactics and solicit pet time. Doing this shows them that you respect their boundaries and give them a taste of independence.

Our tone of voice can give cats a sense of how we feel. Stress can be induced by loud, elevated voices, causing people to flee and hide. Even if the conversation is no longer intended explicitly for them, it’s still wise to keep such tactics to a minimum at home because it can impact them.

Although proudly owning a pet might bring joy and company, it is no longer a practical choice. As a pet owner, you must consider the financial costs (shelter, food, toys, medical expenses) and the first-rate care you can give your animal companions. Don’t just get a pet because you’re busy and ignore them. More space than that is due to your pet.

A pet is a big responsibility, regardless of whether you identify as a cat or dog person. Nevertheless, excellent incentives come along with that accountability. Cats are lovely, absurd creatures that make people smile and laugh. So remember to show your tom cat friends some love today by upvoting their favorite cat tweets on Bored Panda.


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