A Woman Rescued an Unwanted Black Pit Bull and Transformed Her Life into a Fairytale

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Many people believe that Pit Bulls are mean and hard to adopt. This thinking makes it tough for these dogs to find homes.

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But not everyone feels this way. Caitlyn, a kind woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, decided to give a lonely Pit Bull named Liv a loving home.

When Caitlyn first saw Liv, the dog was very thin and had sad eyes. Liv’s life had been hard; she was found wandering the streets with her ears bent backward, and her tummy sagging because she had too many puppies.

Source: GeoBeats Animals

Caitlyn already had a Pit Bull at home named Tater Tot, but she couldn’t resist helping Liv. She decided to foster Liv and posted about it on Instagram. “We are excited to announce we have started our next adventure, but this one isn’t a road trip! We are fostering Liv!” she wrote. Caitlyn explained that Liv was nervous and scared but loved to sit on her lap and hold her hand all day.

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At first, Liv was very shy and scared. But soon, things started to get better. “Baby Liv may be little, but she has a HUGE heart. I have watched her transform in less than a week from a terrified girl who would barely wag her tail to stealing Tot’s toys and chasing us through the house,” Caitlyn wrote.

Tater Tot, Caitlyn’s other dog, played a big part in Liv’s story. At first, Liv didn’t want to go for walks until Caitlyn started bringing Tater Tot along. Liv and Tot quickly became best friends and were always together. They understood each other because they had both been through tough times.

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Caitlyn was worried about how Tater Tot would react to Liv because he usually didn’t like new dogs. But one day, Liv accidentally knocked down a gate. She and Tater Tot started playing together, and from that moment on, they were best friends.

Caitlyn decided to adopt Liv and gave her a new name: Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea had many surgeries to heal her old wounds, but with each surgery, she became happier and healthier.

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Sweet Pea turned into a loving and gentle dog. She liked to keep her paws on Caitlyn’s hand, get head pats, and comfort her family. “Even now, she doesn’t go for walks unless the three of us are together,” Caitlyn said. Sweet Pea would visit Caitlyn’s mom at work, playing in a big field with Tater Tot but always staying close to her family.

Source: @totty_too_hotty

Sweet Pea’s story shows that love is stronger than any prejudice. This once unwanted Pit Bull found her fairytale ending with a family who loves her dearly.

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