A Man Who Was Said to Be Dead But Came Back to Life Describes What It’s Like to Die

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Despite its inevitability, death remains shrouded in mystery and discomfort for many. However, one individual openly shares his profound experience with mortality. Shared on Reddit by user u/Sufficient-Bug-9112, the video captures an unexpected encounter that takes a momentous turn.

The interviewer’s curiosity is piqued by a man sporting a pair of damaged glasses, one temple arm entirely missing. Anticipating a light-hearted anecdote, the content creator asks, “How did that happen?” To everyone’s surprise, the man reveals, “It’s a fallout from my death last year. I died.”

He proceeds to narrate a terrifying story of a blood clot forming in his brain, which expanded to the point of causing his skull to rupture. “After that, I was in a coma for two weeks. They declared me dead, but my vital signs returned in the ambulance,” he recalls. Subsequently, the young man underwent a six-hour craniectomy—a surgery with a 42% chance of mortality. “My doctor humorously refers to me as a coin flipper because I took a gamble with my life. Despite luck not being in my favor, I ultimately came through.”

The interviewer then delves into the profound question: what does it feel like to die? “Peaceful,” the man replies. When pressed about what he saw, he explains that he witnessed nothing. “Now, having been through it, I can attest to what others say: your entire life flashes before your eyes. Every memory, every moment hurtles by at breakneck speed. Whatever pain you may be enduring, it dissipates. You begin to lose grasp of reality, and then, either you return or you don’t,” he articulates, underscoring the profound tranquility he experienced.

While this account may not diminish the weight of death as a topic, there exists a certain serenity in the man’s words. They contribute to the belief that the passage from life to death can be devoid of suffering. Moreover, his story serves as a poignant reminder that we can never truly fathom the narratives of those we encounter on the street, reinforcing the importance of kindness towards all.


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