A Utah “Karen” Faces Charges After Pulling Down Teen’s Skirt

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A woman in St. George, Utah is facing charges of sexual battery after an appalling incident at a local restaurant. 48-year-old Ida Ann Lorenzo confronted a teenage girl at the Sakura Japanese steakhouse, claiming the teen’s skirt was too short and revealing.

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The encounter, which was captured on video by one of the teen’s friends, quickly went viral on TikTok before being taken down. In the disturbing footage, Lorenzo can be seen reaching under the teen’s skirt and yanking it down while berating her about her outfit choice.

“If I have to watch your ass cheeks hanging out again, see your pubic hair, I’m calling Child Protective Services,” Lorenzo threatened the girl, despite the teen’s friends asserting she was over 18.

Image credits: ccsnowwww

The victim’s friend who recorded the video, identified as CC Snow, recounted the harrowing experience. “She comes up to my friend and reaches under her skirt, yanks it down and then squeezes her sides because she is wearing a crop top, and says ‘You’re probably underage, you probably shouldn’t be wearing that.'”

Snow expressed disbelief that an adult woman would accost a teenager in such a way, especially in a public place filled with high school dance groups. “Would you just imply that you think she’s a minor, and you just assaulted her?” the horrified friend asked.

Despite Lorenzo’s claims that she was acting to protect children from indecent exposure, her actions clearly crossed a line into sexual battery and assault. She was arrested and briefly jailed last Wednesday, though she was soon released.

Image credits: ccsnowwww

The case has sparked outrage online, with many calling Lorenzo’s behavior completely unacceptable and criminal. “People and their audacity. You don’t touch a female’s skirt period! Sexual assault charge. That is completely not okay,” one commenter wrote.

Others urged the teen victim to file an official police report and complaint against Lorenzo, whose job as an employee of the Utah Attorney General’s office makes her actions even more disturbing.


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The viral incident serves as yet another example of the entitled “Karen” phenomenon, where older white women arrogantly police the behavior of others, often people of color, while invoking a false sense of authority. In this case, Lorenzo’s misguided attempt to shame the teenage girl led to her rightfully facing criminal charges.

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