Tess Holliday Hits Back Hard at Body Shamer Questioning Her Anorexia

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The outspoken model and body positivity advocate Tess Holliday doesn’t mess around when it comes to ignorant trolls. The 38-year-old recently put one particularly nasty commenter in their place after they foolishly questioned her very real anorexia diagnosis.

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Holliday has been refreshingly open about her ongoing struggles with the eating disorder after being diagnosed in 2021. However, one close-minded individual didn’t believe the curvy star could possibly have anorexia given her size. They rudely remarked, “What mistakes r u owning? Maybe own the fact ur not anorexic and just wanted attention? No one wants u dead, we just want u to cut the bull.”

Not one to take body shaming lightly, Holliday clapped back at the hateful comment in a passionate video response. “Just because you don’t like that I exist in a larger body and I deal with a restrictive eating disorder, doesn’t give you the right to just be a jerk,” she fired back.

@tessholliday Reply to @xodollfacexo ♬ original sound – Tess Holliday🍒

The impassioned activist then took the opportunity to educate her followers about the reality that anorexia affects people of all shapes and sizes, not just the conventional stereotype. She cited the New York Times piece “You Don’t Look Anorexic” which sheds light on this damaging misconception by spotlighting larger-bodied anorexia sufferers.

“I can’t blame you for not knowing because I myself did not know. The more folks that talk about it and normalize it, then the less that we will have to deal with ignorant people like this, who think they can say whatever because they don’t like what they’re seeing,” Holliday expressed.

@tessholliday Replying to @Zinger78 #greenscreen this comment comed up a lot & I’m sure will continue to. I chose to share this with the world & I know trolling comes with the territory, but if it helps one person thats all I care about. #recovery #vunerable @Sharon Maxwell @The New York Times ♬ original sound – Tess Holliday🍒

While she has come to accept her diagnosis, Holliday admitted she still struggles with her recovery on a daily basis. “I wish I was in a good place with my recovery…but I’m currently just managing things the best I can day-by-day,” she vulnerably shared.

This certainly isn’t the first time the unfiltered star has had to shut down body shamers. Just recently, she called out another misguided follower who admitted to only following “really big fat ppl” for weight loss motivation – completely missing the body positivity message.

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At the end of the day, Holliday emanates confidence and self-love at any size. “I am fatter right now than I’ve been in a while, but I’m also happier,” she proudly stated. Her undaunted spirit continues to radiate and inspire fans worldwide.

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