A Violinist Puts Her Childhood Bully in Her Place

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Tiffany Moore is an acclaimed violinist with around two decades of professional experience under her belt. She’s been recognized multiple times by top wedding industry authorities like The Knot and WeddingWire for her exceptional talents. However, Tiffany recently had an interesting encounter with someone from her past – a childhood bully who tormented her back in middle school for being part of the orchestra.

It all started when this former bully reached out to Tiffany out of the blue about performing at her upcoming wedding. The audacious request read: “Hey girl!!! Long time no see. I’m tying the knot soon and would absolutely love for you to play violin during the ceremony. It would be the perfect wedding gift from you, plus a chance to add some pics and videos to your performance portfolio. A win-win, right?!”

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Clearly, the bride-to-be had no idea who she was dealing with. Tiffany has been a respected working violinist since the age of 12, having built up an impressive resume spanning nearly 20 years in the wedding industry alone. Her skills are in such high demand that she typically commands $2,500 for her violin performance services.

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So in her response, Tiffany didn’t mince words: “Hello. 1. It’s rather bold of you to assume I’d gift you a $2,500 service for free. 2. Need I remind you that you bullied me relentlessly in middle school for being in orchestra? 3. As for building my portfolio, you seem unaware that I’ve been voted one of the top performers by The Knot and WeddingWire for 6 years running now. My ‘portfolio’ dates back to age 12 when I was just starting out.”

The former bully didn’t take kindly to Tiffany’s mic-drop reply. She fired back that $2,500 was “overpriced” for some simple violin music and asked her former victim to “help a girl out” with a big discount, claiming she wanted to be friends now and “leave the past behind us.”

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Yeah, right. Tiffany swiftly shut that entitled nonsense down: “I already have plenty of friends, thanks. I don’t have time to entertain your ignorance about how this industry works…What I provide is a premium luxury service. My clients happily invest in a true professional who has the skills, top-notch equipment, and deep understanding of how to make their wedding entertainment run flawlessly. That’s why they hire me.”

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Even after that straightforward explanation, the delusional bride kept pushing. She promised to pay a measly $1,000 for less than an hour of Tiffany’s time, claiming “that’s not too shabby!” She also said it would give the violinist “major exposure” in front of her 300 wedding guests.

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At this point, Tiffany could have justifiably gone scorched earth. Instead, she killed the entitled cow with kindness and humor: “Wait…is your wedding happening on October 3rd? As in, Mean Girls Day?? This is just too perfect. Anyway, I’ll have to decline your $1,000 offer as I don’t work for ‘exposure’ – that’s insulting to true professionals…Unless you want to charge your 300 guests a $5 entertainment fee to cover my standard rates? Just a thought!”

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The former bully immediately lashed out with vicious insults like calling Tiffany a “b*tch” who’s just “too greedy” and will never be able to “pay her bills.” Her true colors shining through, as they say.
Tiffany stayed classy as ever, responding: “Ugh, I’m just devastated. But don’t worry, I’ll be using the generous tip money from my wedding clients this weekend to wipe away the tears.”

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When the epic exchange went viral online, the overwhelming reaction was one of major vindication – both for Tiffany standing up for herself as a self-respecting professional, and for anyone who has dealt with bullying in their lives. Turns out this bride’s despicable behavior gave the violinist the last laugh.

In the end, Tiffany shared that her childhood bully went so far as threatening legal action over the posts. But the confident musician didn’t seem too worried, reveling instead in the widespread support against bullies trying to take advantage of others. Real power radiated from handling the situation with grace.

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