“So Delusional” Says Bride Asking Internet to Fund Her $6K Dream Dress

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Every bride dreams of finding the perfect wedding dress. For Allison Kelley (@allisonkelley_ on TikTok), that dream became an obsession when she tried on a stunning $5,776 Vivienne Westwood gown. The ivory silk dress featured an iconic corset bodice, a daring mini-length in front that exposed her legs, and a dramatic train in the back.

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In a video posted May 5th, Allison admitted “I made the very irresponsible decision of trying this dress on when she is well out of my price point.” With the dress discontinued in June, she hatched a plan to crowdfund it through TikTok’s Creator Fund program. The scheme? Rack up 7.49 million views across her minute-long videos to earn the $5K+ needed.

Image credits: allisonkelleyy

“In just three weeks and a handful of 1-minute-long videos, I have made $1,249 and just a couple of cents,” Allison revealed. “Which means I just need a little bit over $4,500 more to get the dress.” She then spent the second half of the video narrating her outfit of the day to extend it to one minute for maximum earnings.

Image credits: allisonkelley_

Allison first tried the dress in December before falling in love again in April. “I’m actually so delusional for going and trying on this wedding after-party dress again,” she told followers, thinking they’d agree the price was outrageous. But many urged her not to let it get away.

Image credits: allisonkelley_

“Note to self don’t try on wedding dresses that are out of your budget, especially if it’s a Vivienne Westwood mini,” she previously captioned a video. This week’s update revealed she was just “$400 away from what I would need to put a deposit on the dress down” thanks to her supporters.

@allisonkelley_ We have a dress update ladies!!!! #weddingdress #viviennewestwood ♬ original sound – Allison Kelley

While some criticized spending so much on a single dress, most of Allison’s 85.9K fans rallied behind her Italy destination wedding dream. “Even if I don’t hit my goal, it puts a smile on my face everytime I open my phone, which is not a normal occurrence so thank you,” she gushed.

@allisonkelley_ note to self don’t try on wedding dresses that are out of your budget, especially if it’s a Vivienne westwood mini 🙃🙃🙃 #weddingdress ♬ original sound – Allison Kelley

According to sources, TikTok’s Creator Fund payouts depend on real engagement, view count, and community guidelines compliance across all creators’ videos each day. Whether Allison’s unconventional gambit pays off remains to be seen as the discontinuation date looms.

Source: boredpanda

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