“14-Year-Old Pitbull Finds New Hope with a Second Chance and a Transformation”

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Tulissa Parsons, a dedicated volunteer at Philly Rescue Angels, recounts a poignant moment at an open intake shelter that touched her deeply. While scanning the area for dogs needing help, her gaze met that of a senior pit bull named Jade. With soulful eyes and a grey muzzle, Jade stood out amidst the chaos, having recently been surrendered.


Jade’s narrative took a heartbreaking turn when, at 14 years old, she found herself living out her final years in the confines of a shelter cage. This realization deeply affected Parsons. “She appeared so gentle… and it was heartbreaking because not only was she a mature adult dog in this overcrowded shelter, but she was also a black pit bull, which makes it even more challenging for them to be adopted due to difficulties in capturing their image,” Parsons disclosed to The Dodo.

Despite the rescue already housing numerous adult pit bulls, Parsons couldn’t ignore Jade’s plea for another chance. Posting Jade in the Philly Rescue Angels foster group bore fruit when a dedicated foster volunteer stepped forward immediately.


Upon arrival at her foster home, Jade’s condition painted a grim picture. She struggled with tooth decay, severe arthritis, pressure sores from hard surfaces, flea-related fur loss, and infected cropped ears. However, with tender loving care (TLC), Jade underwent a remarkable transformation.

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A day of pampering, including dental care, ear cleaning, and grooming, worked wonders for Jade. From limping and discomfort, she transitioned to playful zoomies and walking over a mile without difficulty. “We got her on medicine, I got her groomed, and she became a whole new dog,” exclaimed Jade’s foster mom to The Dodo.


The bond between Jade and her foster family deepened rapidly. Within days, her foster mom knew she wanted to make Jade a permanent part of their lives. “She lays her head on our laps every single night to go to sleep… [She’s] just really thankful to be loved,” Jade’s new mom expressed.

While Jade’s mobility requires assistance up the stairs each night, her family cherishes every moment. “Having a senior dog beats any of my expectations I’ve ever had on [having] a dog,” Jade’s mom reflected. When they receive love and care, they have abundant love to share and a vibrant life ahead of them.

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Parsons stresses that anyone looking to help dogs like Jade can make a difference through simple actions like signing up as a shelter volunteer or fostering dogs in need. “You can actually really make a difference even by doing the littlest things,” Parsons emphasized.


For Jade, her journey now resonates with happiness, belonging, and the tranquility of a loving family.

Source: The Dodo


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