A young girl loudly applauds as her father graduates and enters the stage to receive his diploma

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During graduation ceremonies, it’s a familiar sight to witness parents enthusiastically cheering and applauding for their children, whether they’re completing elementary school or obtaining their master’s degree. But have you ever seen the reverse? A touching viral video captures a young girl named Shivaee Nalawade energetically rallying for her father during his graduation ceremony. In that moment, she created an unforgettable memory and warmed the hearts of everyone in attendance.

In the video, we see Shivaee’s father, Aashish, ascending the stage to receive his master’s degree diploma from Teesside University in England. As the then 34-year-old approaches the podium, Shivaee enthusiastically shouts, “Congratulations, Daddy!” eliciting laughter and affection from the onlookers.

Touched by this gesture, her father responds, “I love you,” and kisses her. Overjoyed to share this moment with her dad, she emphatically reciprocates, “I love you, Daddy!” His smile widens, and he appears deeply moved as his name is announced, joining the other graduates on the stage.

Taking to Instagram, he expressed, “My graduation ceremony wouldn’t have been any better without my little princess. As her words reverberated through the hushed ceremony hall, my heart, along with everyone else present, melted. More than the graduation accolade, I felt that ‘Being a father to my daughter’ is the greatest accomplishment and triumph for me.”

Since Shivaee was born in 2019, she would have been shy of 3 years old when the video was captured in June 2022. The fact that she was merely a toddler renders the scene even more endearing, etching a memory her dad will cherish forever. He added, “This was the most adorable moment of my entire graduation ceremony, one that will live on in my heart eternally.”

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