After two dogs contacted the cops 16 times in30 minutes, the internet is in ruins

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Whom are you going to call if something unusual happens in your neighborhood? Of course, dial 911! One emergency, however, overshadows all others. At your door, a trespasser? It’s easy peasy! A cursed doll wielding a knife is pursuing you. You’re all right, pfff! Lack of sweets and boredom, perhaps? You’re now calling for war!

When two puppies encountered the circumstance, they immediately dialed the po-po to lodge a complaint. But they didn’t just make one call. Oh no. In the course of a 30-minute period, they made 16 calls to 911.

Dear Readers, before we dive into the specifics of the tale, may I first ask you if you’ve ever had to dial911

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The police in Lakeville, Minnesota, had a very strange day when two puppies called 911 16 times in a30-minute period.

Image credits: FOX 9

In February 2019, the Lakeville, Minnesota police department encountered a very weird day when the911 operator kept receiving calls from the same number. The dispatcher must return the call, and if they are unable to, they must dispatch the police. What happens when calls keep flooding in and you can hear barking on the other end of the line? So, you dispatch a few officers to assess the situation!

Two officers were dispatched to look into the situation because they believed that someone who was unable to speak or move was in imminent danger

Image credits: FOX 9

For your location, 911 dispatchers must contact your wireless provider. When you call on a cell phone, your approximate position is ascertained via a mix of network triangulation and trilateration. They might be able to locate you within 15 meters if your police force or sheriff’s office is connected to a more recent 911 network.

The officers entered the home and were met by Remy and Bomber, a hound mix and his Papillon companion, who they discovered to be much funnier

Image credits: FOX 9

Multiple 911 complaints from worried neighbors prompted Officer Emily Roberts and her colleague, Officer Emily Bares, to be dispatched to a home inspection. They were welcomed inside the house by his Papillon companion, Remy, and Bomber, along with two eager hound-mixes.

The officers searched the house and discovered the lost phone on the desk in the home office, thinking the puppies had been playing with it

The criminal partners were given a warning before being permitted to return to their regular lives. A$10,000 fine and up to three years in the county jail are the penalties for making a false 911 call.

We hope that the dogs, owners and themselves learnt a valuable lesson—never deny two good lads their morning treats

Image credits: FOX 9

Calls that are dialed accidentally and are frequently placed by youngsters or teenagers are more common among 911 call takers (or dogs). In such cases, the authorities may issue you with a warning. A police team will be dispatched to your location if you accidentally dial 911 and do not hang up the phone.

Some people expressed alarm over the officers’ 30-minute delay in arriving at the house, saying that it might have meant the difference between life and death for someone in peril


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