French Photographer Captures Sperm Whales

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More info & Photo courtesy: Stephane Granzotto/National Geographic

While on a quest to capture stunning images of sperm whales for his upcoming photography book showcasing diverse marine creatures, French photographer and filmmaker Stephane Granzotto stumbled upon a captivating discovery – the unique sleeping behavior of these colossal marine mammals.

Deep beneath the Mediterranean Sea’s surface, these majestic creatures engage in a remarkable sleeping pattern, standing upright in a vertical position, forming an awe-inspiring sight. Before a groundbreaking study conducted in 2008, the sleeping habits of sperm whales remained a mystery, and Granzotto’s photographs offer the first visual documentation of this fascinating behavior.

According to National Geographic, sperm whales take deep breaths before descending approximately 45 feet into the sea’s depths, where they fall into a deep slumber, maintaining their vertical posture. These gentle giants seek solace within pods, congregating in groups of five to six individuals. Their sleep cycles typically span two hours, punctuated by intervals of breathing.

Curiously, a research study conducted in Chile revealed an incident where a ship with its engines turned off accidentally disturbed a pod of sperm whales while they were engaged in their deep slumber. This incident highlights the vulnerability of these marine behemoths during their periods of rest.

Granzotto’s remarkable photographs not only showcase the wondrous beauty of sperm whales but also contribute to our scientific understanding of these enigmatic creatures, shedding light on their intriguing sleeping habits and providing valuable insights into their underwater world.



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