Are the Pregnancy Rumors Swirling About Taylor Swift Legit? OB-GYNs Weigh In

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Once again, the rumor mill is in overdrive speculating about a famous woman’s body. This time it’s Taylor Swift who has found herself at the center of a pregnancy firestorm after wearing some figure-hugging outfits during her recent Eras Tour stop in Lisbon.

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The controversy started when concertgoers shared videos and photos showing Taylor’s stomach looking a bit rounder than usual in a skintight black Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit with sheer sleeves and embellished snakeskin details. Fans also zeroed in on the 34-year-old pop star’s crystal-embroidered Versace bodysuit, claiming her slightly protruding midsection was a clear “baby bump.”

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Of course, the idea that a woman having anything other than a perfectly flat stomach automatically means she’s expecting is patently ridiculous. As any OB-GYN will tell you, it’s totally normal and healthy for a woman’s belly to not be perfectly taut.

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Dr. Marci R.D., an OB-GYN and writer, explains, “A woman’s body is designed to house the uterus and other reproductive organs in the lower abdomen, unlike a man’s. This anatomical structure, along with the fact that women naturally carry more protective fat around their midsection to support potential pregnancies, makes it unlikely for most women to achieve a washboard stomach without extreme dietary and exercise regimens.”

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On TikTok, OB-GYN Dr. Annie weighed in bluntly on the Swift rumor madness. “Why is everyone trying to scrutinize this poor woman’s body?” she said. “You cannot tell from a video whether or not a woman is pregnant. Period, end of discussion.”

@pagingdrfran is taylor swift pregnant?! obgyn weighs in 🤔 #taylorswift #pregnancy #obgyn ♬ original sound – Dr. Fran (DO, FACOG)

Dr. Annie makes an excellent point. A woman’s body goes through constant fluctuations due to factors like water retention, digestion, hormone levels, and her individual bone structure and muscle tone. Attempting to diagnose a pregnancy based solely on her physical appearance is not only an invasion of privacy, but deeply unscientific.

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The unfair policing of female celebrities’ bodies is an ugly double standard that needs to go away. No matter how famous they are, women deserve to be judged on their immense talents rather than how “flat” their tummies look on any given day.

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Taylor has yet to address the gossip directly, though she did share a lighthearted video from the Lisbon show with the cheeky caption: “I’m pregnant…with my third era.” For her millions of fans and medical experts alike, that’s about as definitive a “no” as it gets when it comes to these baseless baby rumors.

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