Man Buys Wife Gift to Apologize After Recognizing Mia Khalifa in Their Hotel

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A man found himself in a tricky situation and ended up buying a lavish gift for his wife after recognizing Mia Khalifa in public.

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Honeymoons are meant to be the most romantic trips of a lifetime, a time to enjoy an exotic destination with your beloved spouse as newlyweds. However, it’s probably wise to refrain from texting your friends about spotting another woman while on such a special vacation.

This exact scenario unfolded for TikTok influencer Lya Mariella (@lyamariella) while she was in Paris with her husband last summer.

@lyamariella Not okay 💀🍷 #honeymoondiaries #fyp #honeymoon #husbandthings #trouble #notokay #truestory #miakhalifa #honeymoontrip #justgreat ♬ C'est si bon – Aoi Teshima

In a video shared on TikTok, Lya is seen sipping wine in a setting that starkly contrasts with the romantic ambiance one might expect. The reason? Her husband’s attention was diverted by the presence of a well-known model and former adult star, Mia Khalifa.

Lya’s TikTok post was captioned: “POV: You’re in Paris having dinner with your husband when he spots Mia Khalifa, gets way too excited about it & proceeds to text all his friends.”

Understandably, Lya wasn’t thrilled with her husband’s reaction.

@lyamariella Reply to @miakhalifa just over here trying to make you proud 😘 #birkin #fyp #birkinbag #hermes #hermesbirkin #miakhalifa #paris #hermesparis #girlthings ♬ Birkin Bag (feat. Luciano, reezy & KALIM) – DJ JEEZY

With over four million views, Lya’s post quickly caught the attention of Khalifa, who has a massive following of over 37 million on TikTok. Khalifa responded to the video with a supportive message: “Girl my man was on his phone the whole time, I say we throw them all away and go shopping tomorrow.”

Mariella responded, “I’m at Hermes across the street. Feel free to join me here.”

@lyamariella Couldn’t have done it without ya babe 🫶@miakhalifa #birkin #fyp #birkinbag #hermes #paris #honeymoondiaries #miakhalifa #godmother #parisshopping ♬ original sound – lyamariella

Khalifa’s response was swift: “Good, he owes you a Birkin.”

Soon after, Mariella proudly displayed her new Birkin bag in a follow-up video featuring Khalifa. The video showed Mariella’s husband looking rather sheepish, acknowledging the significant dent in his bank account.

In the video, Khalifa joked: “I am here at the christening of the baby Birkin. We’re not gonna dump it in water just because we wouldn’t do that to our baby.”

She added: “This was the best meeting ever. Also, her husband that we were talking s*** about is the one filming this right now.”

Mariella, clearly pleased with the turn of events, added: “What a time to be alive. My Birkin bag’s godmother has spoken,” and thanked Khalifa in the caption: “Couldn’t have done it without ya babe.”

The newfound friends, Mariella and Khalifa, later posted another video on TikTok, humorously captioned: “When you’re about to cuss him out for recognizing Mia Khalifa but he hits you with the uno reverse: Birkin edition.”

@lyamariella God bless them both @miakhalifa & my hubs 🙏🏼 — This was due for a repost 🇫🇷 #honeymoondiaries #fyp #paris #birkin #andyousoundlikeyoushouldshut #hermes #miakhalifa ♬ original sound – Kaylyn

Khalifa added in the caption, “Literal, actual, unbelievably true story.” This video garnered over seven million views and thousands of comments.

Not a bad way to secure a new Birkin bag, all things considered.

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