Brilliant”Low-Cost”Costumes Made by a Skilled Cosplayer That are Absolutely Hilarious

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You might think that creating a cosplay costume requires a lot of expensive materials. However, as Anucha Saengchart (also known as the Lonely Man) shows, all you need are some basic supplies and a little creativity. His humorous Low-Cost Cosplay film, in which he documents how he quickly and cheaply adopts characters from pop culture and beyond, has become a major sensation.

Each post on the Facebook page and Instagram account for Low-Cost Cosplay is a four-act outfit. Saengchart examines the tool (or tools) he intends to use to create the first column of his look. Sometimes it’s ketchup and French fries, and other times it’s a little sugar body polish.In the second panel, he snaps a picture of his ongoing project. The final two panels contrast his creation with the original photos, side by side.

Saengchart surprisingly captures the essence of who or what he is trying to portray by discretly structuring his resources or using forced viewpoints. Do they resemble the originals in every detail? Definitely not! But we wouldn’t get low-cost cosplay any other way because that is a big part of its attractiveness.

Check out some of Saengchart’s most affordable cosplays by scrolling down.

Low Cost Cosplay: Facebook | Instagram

#1 These funny”Low-Cost Cosplay”costumes are made by Anucha Saengchart (also known as the Lonely Man)

When you can rely on nature, why spend so much money on cosplay?

He is demonstrating to us how inexpensive and entirely eco-friendly cosplay can be. The following time, Vogue must request Cha’s cooperation. They will get a great deal of money back.

#2 They demonstrate that all you need is a little imagination to recreate popular culture figures, not expensive resources



“The price of the fabric alone can be quite high, let alone the trim, the extras, and the wigs if you so wish. The clothes alone cost around $300 when my partner and I produced the Crystal Ball costumes Jareth and Sarah wear in the film Labyrinth, and the overall cost was between$550 and $600 for both outfits. Jesse said that things were completed more quickly and at a lower cost.

They continued, “You only need to accumulate materials over time when there are nice bargains going on and have a lot of patience” “It can definitely be done on the cheaper side”



When you take into account his rivals, Saengchart’s cosplay and the fan base it has brought him are even more astounding. People frequently spend up to a couple thousand dollars on a single appearance, whether they purchase their clothing from shops or hire artists to make one-of-a- kind costumes.

#7 That hair seems slick

Many of his fans were curious as to whether he also consumed the banana peels when eating the fruit or vegetable after creating the costume

That hair seems slick

All we have to do is wait for Captain Levi, a.k.a. Levi Ackerman, to emerge at any time. This merely demonstrates his incredibly amazing ingenuity.


Jesse recalled how much the cosplay world has changed since they first began cosplaying back in 2007. At the time, where I lived in the US’s midwest, the emphasis was on purchasing costumes to create as much content as you could and to appear as closely as possible to the character. The two main platforms for cosplay content at the time, at least for me, were Facebook pages or DeviantArt profiles.


Jesse described Anucha’s unconventional cosplay as amazing when asked what they thought of it. I’m always in awe of his talent and ingenuity. He often makes me chuckle, but I’m also constantly in awe of the tremendous ingenuity he displays. in order to observe that he could peel apples and resemble Momo from Boku No Hero? Amazing”

Furthermore, alternative cosplayers, in Jesse’s opinion, are quite imaginative. “I’m in love with this escalating trend. When I see the things they can make simply out of the things around them, I’m always inspired. Alternative cosplay is undeniably gaining popularity, and I, for one, am totally on board.


Which is not surprising given that $17.8 billion was reportedly spent on costumes and wigs alone in 2017. The business is projected to be worth at least $45 billion and it is expanding at a rate of 15% annually. Saengchart is thus living proof that the inverse is (also) true in a game where some people believe that great money equals great attention.

In an interview, Saengchart mentioned that you may cosplay anything that makes you happy if you are creative and use your imagination appropriately.

#11 G-Dragon, Are you jealous?

When you start to worry that this person might be out of creative ideas, he comes up with another.

Who is the G-dragon? We cannot distinguish between them. Are they twins or are they truly two different people?


#13 Retaliation is mine

This Ursula costume is incredible. Although his smile doesn’t appear quite as sinister as hers does, we believe he did a fantastic job.

He is a wild genius whose inventiveness never ceases to amaze us. Yes, he later consumed the jelly.

#14 Banana

Lonelyman is demonstrating how simple it is to create a costume. For instance, it doesn’t take much work to dress up like a Minion.

All you need to do to transform into a charming Minion is purchase a magnifying glass and a yellow hoodie.

#15 I will retaliate

This Ursula outfit is amazing. We think he did a great job, even though his smile doesn’t seem as evil as hers does.

He is an eccentric genius whose creativity never ceases to astound us. Yes, he eventually ate the jelly.



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