People Discovered 40 Strange Things While Hiking in the Woods.

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When exploring woodlands, you may see a variety of objects such as trees, wild creatures, dinosaur- shaped rocks, and massive stacks of porcelain crockery. And if the latter two seem a little out of place, you can guarantee the folks who discovered them were just as astonished as you were.

It turns out that there’s a lot more to uncover in the woods than just trees and bugs — just ask the folks who have discovered all kinds of strange things while exploring nature. Check out the strangest things people discovered in the woods in the gallery below, from abandoned houses to dead robots!

#1 This was discovered in the woods near my home

Image source: hooizzhee

This is a tribute to the faithful friends who have passed the Rainbow Bridge. So many excellent young men and women. So much unwavering love.

#2 I Was Taking a Walk in The Woods Today When I Nearly Stepped On This Beauty

Image source: neverbird

#3 The other week, my girlfriend and I were walking in the woods and discovered a rainbow pool
for the first time

Image source: brentenross

#4 My buddy came this this dinosaur the other day in the woods

Image source: tkvp

#5 Today I discovered this in the woods

Image source: Horrorshow13

#6 In the woods, an abandoned Russian house was discovered

Image source: 13×37

#7 Standing in a large pond that disappears during the dry season

Image source: bradyboh

#8 While trail riding, I came across this

Image source: Ed_Tivrusky_IV

#9 This tree, which I discovered while hiking, seems like a forest monster guarding you

Image source: Glit-toris

#10 In our woods, we discovered old dog tags in a metal pile. They were reunited with his wife, who
had lost her 60-year-old husband in 2010

Image source: nicoleeoliee

#11 I Went for A Walk in The Forest and Came Across This Lightning-Struck Ponderosa Pine Tree

#12 In New Hampshire, there are stairs to nothing

Image source: ethan_kahn

#13 This sword was discovered in Epping Forest, England

Image source: CodeNameScythey

#14 There Has to Be a Rabbit Hole Nearby, I Found This Mushroom While Hiking in The Woods

Image source: BoarderGod

#15 In the woods, I discovered this moss-covered boot

Image source: Neolism

#16 This stick I found resembles a burning torch, complete with flame!

Image source: hoikarnage

#17 It’s a Flock of Wild Toilets Roosting, so keep quiet

Image source: MyDougs

#18 While hiking, I came upon a memorial to a fallen tree

Image source: cerberus698

#19 I was driving through Pennsylvania’s back roads on my way to a camping spot when I came across a mountain of ceramic dishes and tea cups in the middle of nowhere

Image source: Awesome_Clips

#20 I relocated to Wisconsin. This was discovered in the woods

Image source: jaysokk

#21 While hiking in Pennsylvania, I came upon this purple little guy

Image source: Mr_Jack_Frost_

#22 We discovered an abandoned train tunnel in the woods

Image source: dlwrr

#23 What My Parents Discovered During Their Hike

Image source: WantedOnAVoyage

#24 I discovered a sign in the woods depicting a man leaping over some frightening-looking hands

Image source: quadriplegicswimteam

#25 Pennies I found while hiking was used to embellish my log.

Image source: TexasJoey

#26 While walking through the woods, I came upon this bottle filled with moss.

Image source: Ancylid

#27 So I was walking through a forest near my city when I came upon this

Image source: RobinPeterson

#28 After a thunderstorm, I went fossil hunting in a wash. I figured it had to unearth some items in the Streambed. I discovered this

Image source: sanka

#29 In the woods, I came across an overgrown cemetery

Image source: domestica

#30 While out adventuring, I came across this fireplace in the woods

Image source: Law1999

#31 On a hot day, I came into this oasis while hiking through the woods

Image source: StickySticks

#32 This (missile?) was discovered in the Tennessee woods by my brother

Image source: mylittletoesie

#33 In The Middle of the Woods, I Found This Phone Booth

Image source: DavidGreenComic

#34 In the woods behind my house, I discovered a dead robot

Image source: BrokenInternets

#35 In the woods, I discovered an old helicopter

Image source: TheNewHitler1945

#36 In the woods, I discovered 43 dollars in a pair of jeans

Image source: rolopumps

#37 This Bicycle Was Found in The Woods. Someone had big plans, didn’t they?

Image source: umiz

#38 In the woods, my dog discovered a large pile of carrots

Image source: cavkie

#39 In the woods on an uninhabited island, I discovered an old crematorium

Image source: jonny_five

#40 This was discovered by a friend while hiking in the Connecticut Wilderness

Image source: dubmystep


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