Doggo experiences sheer delight upon learning about the upcoming visit to Grandma and Grandpa

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While the eager anticipation of a visit to the fun and caring grandparents’ house is often associated with children, a recent viral TikTok video showcases that the excitement is not exclusive to humans. Skylar and Deko, a couple on a road trip from Phoenix to Kansas City, Missouri, captured the heartwarming moment their canine companion, Nosh, learned about the impending visit to his “grandpawrents.”


In the video, which has garnered nearly 30 million views, Nosh sits in the backseat, gazing out the front window as the journey ends. Seizing the perfect moment, Skylar asks Nosh if he wants to visit Safta and Boppa, the affectionate nicknames for his grandparents. Nosh’s response is nothing short of ecstatic, conveyed through a series of joyful squeals, whimpers, and sneezy woofs that seem to exclaim, “Grandma and Grandpa? Seriously?!? OMG, I’m so thrilled I can hardly contain myself!!! When are we getting there?!?”

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The video captures Nosh’s exuberant reaction to mentioning his grandparents’ names, prompting viewers to wonder what Safta and Boppa did to earn such a heartwarming response. Nosh’s enthusiasm is palpable, from an immediate flop for a belly rub upon seeing Grandpa to the “I’m so excited to see you. I gotta pee” moment.

Skylar shared insights into Nosh’s consistent reactions, explaining, “He always reacts like this to his grandparents, whether it’s been months or only a few hours since he has seen them last.” She revealed that they deliberately waited until they were just five minutes away to disclose the destination to Nosh, who maintained his excited demeanour for the entire duration. The anticipation was well worth the heartwarming response.

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In another video shared by Skylar, the bond between Nosh and his beloved grandparents is further highlighted. For those curious about Nosh’s breed, he is an Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Blue Heeler. Skylar’s TikTok channel features additional videos showcasing Nosh’s infectious excitement over visiting Grandma and Grandpa, providing viewers with a delightful glimpse into the canine’s heartwarming family moments.

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