Breastfeeding Mom’s Clever Response to Critic Goes Viral

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Last month, a breastfeeding mother from Austin, Texas, found herself in a humorous encounter at a restaurant when a stranger approached her and insisted she cover up. The stranger’s demand was vague, and Melanie Dudley, 34, decided to misinterpret it playfully. Instead of covering her breasts, as presumed, she threw a blanket over her head and face.

Melanie was nursing her baby at a restaurant in Cabo San Lucas when a man asked her to cover up. Without specifying what to cover, she opted to place the blanket over her head humorously, clearly expressing her annoyance at the pushy request. Despite the hot weather, Melanie explained that she usually covers up more, but the incident occurred in the back of the restaurant.

The incident gained widespread attention after Carol Lockwood from Honolulu, Hawaii, posted an image of Melanie’s response on Facebook on July 31. Carol praised Melanie for handling the situation with humor and expressed frustration over the ongoing shaming of women for breastfeeding. The post has since gone viral, with over 180,000 shares and numerous supportive comments.

In an interview with Yahoo, Melanie shared her experience, noting that she was on vacation with her family when the man approached her. The picture depicts Melanie sitting outside with her baby nursing and one of her four-year-old twins nearby. The blanket covers her face, making a bold statement about the absurdity of the request.

While many comments on the post applauded Melanie’s wit and criticized those who shame breastfeeding mothers, some expressed differing opinions. Some critics called for more discretion in public breastfeeding, arguing that it can be done with privacy, as was common in the past.

Despite the debate sparked by the image, the majority of comments supported Melanie’s right to breastfeed openly and without shame. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing discussions surrounding public breastfeeding and the importance of normalizing this natural act.

Source: dailymail


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