Don’t Forget Me: Documenting the History of Forgotten Places

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Once more, the alarm goes off early. Why are you here so early? the cat asks me once more, his eyes wide. I get ready and pack my belongings. I arrive at the meeting spot in my car and enter inside. Yes, it’s time once more for a road excursion to deserted locations. A fun-filled day with my photography friend. A day like today always results in a sore gut from laughing so much.

I frequently go to deserted locations to take pictures of the past. Despite the fact that I’ve previously been to a lot of places. Every time, what I see astounds me. What type of history is this location hiding? Why is this rural home vacant? Sometimes you can find the tale or images of a place. But the questions are also frequently left unaddressed. Here is a sample of my photographs.

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Orient express abandoned

An image of the Grand Orient Express, which is rapidly disappearing from history, was captured by urban photographer Brian, who works out of Rotterdam. When it was introduced in 1883 by the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, the train was the epitome of luxury (CIWL).

There are only a few of these stunning creatures left in existence. In Venice-Simplon Orient Express, one was converted into hotel suites. The other, which you can see in the images below, is still in Belgium after its final journey in December 2009.

One of the remarkable discoveries made by the urban explorer and photographer is the Orient Express: “Entering an abandoned site is like entering a time machine for me. According to Brian’s website, “I try to feel the emotions of it’s past and that is what I want to show in my pictures. “I consider my work to be successful when someone looks at it and asks the “what, why, when” questions”

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Abandoned cars

What does it indicate when cars are left abandoned?

A car is considered abandoned if it is either: A) unlawfully parked if it is: *more than 18” from the curb. • parked on a city easement, unattended on a controlled access highway; • facing the wrong direction on the road “Left Wheel to Curb; • an unattached trailer on the street.

Abandoned Castle

Abandoned Powerplant

Abandoned Church

What does the phrase “abandoned church” mean?

Neither used nor occupied, an abandoned place or building is so named.

The laundry is dry abandoned

Although dryers are quick and practical, nothing compares to the smell of clothes left outside in the sun to dry. Some chemists were curious as to what exactly the odor was.

They gathered cotton towels and repeatedly washed them in incredibly clean water to find out. Then they hung them out in three different locations: on a sunny balcony, in a darkened balcony, and in an unoccupied office in the chemistry building. The towels were placed in plastic bags after they had dried for 15 hours so that the chemical compounds on them might be liberated from the fabric and trapped in the bags. The air was then extracted and examined by scientists.

The towels that were dried on the sunny balcony were drenched in organic compounds called aldehydes and ketones, which our nostrils associate with the scents of plants and perfumes, as opposed to the towels that were dried inside or in the shade. These substances included the cardamom-derived pentanal, the citrus- and rose-scented octanal, and the nonanal. Other substances included those we connect with the aromas of things like chocolate, leaves, herbs, fruit, wine, and almonds.

How did these substances arrive there? Two components, according to scientists, were essential: sunlight and the presence of liquid water. Aldehydes and ketones could be produced by the wet towel’s molecules reacting with ozone in the air. It’s possible that the sun’s UV rays are what’s causing them to form. On many surfaces in nature, it’s likely that the same process is taking place.

Fortunately for us, we don’t need to fully comprehend chemical events in order to enjoy inhale and exhale from them.

Observe the last dance

We all harbor dreams

Abandoned Sewing factory

Let’s imagine ourselves somewhere far away

Unoccupied country house


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